Tuesday 11 October 2016

MY K BY Myleene Klass

Leanora & I recently attended our first Mothers Meeting event which we had an absolute blast at and we got to meet some awesome #mumbosses.

Being a fairly new parent I did not know that Myleene Klass had designed a children's range for nearly 10 years now, plus to know that it is stocked within 33 countries worldwide with Mothercare. I mean why would I was not yet a parent.

What amazes me is the longevity of this range, normally brands only commission celebrities for a season/time capsule collection, but it says something about the Myleene brand as well as her being a #MumBoss. 

Myeene must be doing something right! So when we attended the event organised by Mother's Meeting I was delighted to of met Myleene as well as the other amazing mother's present also. 

As soon as we arrived, be it 30 minutes late, we spotted Myleene outside the venue and she was absolutely lovely and very warming. Mum's were busy mingling so Leanora and I dived straight in and meet some lovely strong women. You would think what on earth are all these mothers doing here, why is no one at work, well let me tell you this, this is work, a room filled with business savvy women all wanting to succeed and create something in their on right and what better way to hear and learn about that, then by a woman who has created this brand and pushed for it for nearly a decade plus her amazing team. 

The lovely and ever so funny Cherry Healey interviewed Myleene on stage, unfortunately I did not get a chance to hear the whole talk, as ants in her pants Leanora wanted to get up and play with the massive Mothers Meeting balloons, or should I say try to make claim that they were all hers and make a run for it. But what I did hear from this strong woman sitting before me, I mean heck I was surrounded by strong women in the room, is that you never give up, if you have a product no matter how big or small be it a clothing range to a blog, you drive 110% in to it and give it your all and never quit if it is something you are passionate about. 

My K By Myleene Klass originally was Baby K, but has evolved it originally used to be for babies, but as her own children have grown so has the brand, now known as My K By Myleene Klass, the range is for children boys and girls between the ages of 0-8 years old and it doesn't just do clothing this phenomenal woman has her fingers in, she even designs bedding to freaking furniture, now if that is not a mom boss I do not know what the hell is. 

Leanora was sent a few pieces of the range and yes I can be a bit of a snob, so I had to shut my trap when the items arrived. I have to say they were brilliant in quality and I'm not just saying that as it was free, it really is great stuff and fantastic price points to. I've washed both items that Leanora is wearing a few times the My K Bunny Sweat Top priced at £10-£12 depending in size with the My K Black Tutu priced £20-£22 and neither has lost it shape, especially the tutu as sometimes I find the colour fades and can become a bit flimsy, but certainly not these items. 

The new range is monochrome inspired. I did if I am honest always thought that I would never put my child in black, truly I did, but the quirky designs and ruffles I have to say I love, thie whole collection is very fun and that's what you have to remember be it with fashion, business and in life, is to have fun no matter what. 

Have you bought anything from the My K By Myleene Klass, what do you think? Do you know of any childrens brands that are great, let me know. I'm a firm believer in supporting mum bosses.

A big thank you to Mothers Meeting for having Leanora and I and big thank you to Myleene & Mothercare too for sending us some items from the collection. 

You can purchase the collection via the Mothercare website for you darling girls and boys or if clothes not needed, just to pimp out the little ones bedrooms. 

You can see more pics and miss ants in her pants over on our Instagram, Twitter or Facebook Page

Come back soon.

London Mumma xx


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