Wednesday 2 November 2016

Rule Number One In Parenting! Be Ready For Sleep Deprivation

No one tells you this when expecting your first child, you become a sleep deprived- coffee crazy Mumma or Pappa!

So let me help take your head out of the clouds and help you get in check. It doesn't start when they are born and take their first breath, it starts when they are in your womb and wakes you up having a good ole party in there and push on your bladder a million times making you need to go to the bathroom countless of times throughout the night.

What a fool I've been,thinking it would be plain sailing and we be in bed waking up at normal hours (7am) and watching cartoons, having giggles over hot cuppa coffees and warm bottles of milk, thinking back now I've been such a mug!

Leanora, since birth, has never slept in a Moses basket or even a cot. She has always slept on top of me or.......on top of me lol! Now I know what your thinking even as a baby that's dangerous! and the answer is yes since she was first born and those big blue (then, now green) eyes opened and looked around the hospital room nosely.

As a parent your instincts automatically click in, everything just falls into place and when your given your gorgeous bundle of joy all wrapped up and smelling of that gorgeous newborn baby smell (before all the poo and baby spew kicks in), your dreams are dashed of ever having a relaxing sweet sleep, I mean how could you look how gorgeous your little human is.

Anyhoo! Let's get back to it, shall we?

It probably is 98% my fault and 2% Leanora for being too damn cute. But seriously, I've tried everything, nice warm baths, reading a million books before bed, to even giving her a massage. Nothing has worked, it's probably kicked off by me by being very active throughout pregnancy, the doctor when I went for scans even said  that Cha-Chi was going to be very active, as she would never keep still for the scan.

It can be hard, especially when you have to go to work and be up early and you've faced a night of being in a choker hold, flying kicks to the stomach or boob and upper-cutted more times than anyone in mortal combat.

Struggling with sleep deprivation can make it even hard to remember if you've even slept at all, sleep deprivation can make you do or say crazy things. One time I left the house pushing the buggy up the hill I thought I left Leanora in the house only to run back down the road pushing the buggy and to get to the front door and realise she is safely strapped in smiling, then turning around saying 'again mummy' with the biggest grin on her face.

To help cope with sleep deprivation, try and sleep when your little one does, Leanora now being a toddler doesn't sleep for very long, I'm lucky if it's even an hour and yes it's easier said than done when there is a mounting of washing or tidying up to do, or that's your golden hour just for you, but try to unwind if you can.

If possible ask for help, seems simple but not if you don't have the resources or friends and family locally or even being a bit proud to ask for help as you want to do it yourself.

Switch off the TV, turn off your phone and come off Instagram, twitter or facebook (pot calling the kettle black and all considering Leanora has woken me up for the millionth time and I'm writing this at 3:13am) 30 mins before going to bed.

But if I'm honest I'm totally guilty I don't do any of the above, but I just have to remember it's a phase and that it will pass, all part of growing up. Leanora does, however, suffer from eczema and I think that's what keeps her up some nights especially now that the weather's turned.

But remember every cloud has a silver lining, I mean look at our little cherubs we've been blessed with.

Have you suffered from sleep deprivation, do you have any tricks or tips to help a sleepless mother, would love to hear your thoughts, please do leave a comment below or contact me via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

It's now 4am, I better get my butt sone sleep, guaranteed she will be up in two hours.

Have a fab day.  

London Mumma xx

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