Monday 7 November 2016

Motherhood Monday: Park Life

Motherhood is something that is beautiful and sacred.

I do not think I had truly lived before becoming a Mother I have grown and experienced so much since Leanora came into this world, she has taught me so much about myself and shown me or should I say, I feel that nothing else matters in this world, all the silly stuff such as makeup, going out partying until next week, have all become irrelevant, plus I'm a tad old for all that!

I now enjoy spending my free time running after my little Cha-Chi and just watching her grow and develop into a right old bossy-boot, who terrorises the cat.


I took Leanora to Chiswick to run free in the park and burn off all the energy that she has, she is a total outdoorsy kid, so no staying in the house for us which is great, plus if we are in the house for too long she will only draw on my bloody walls and wreck the house

Both wrapped up in our cosy new Gap jumpers, which I managed to bag at a whopping saving of 40% off with the latest code they had sent out this week, a brilliant saving for my pocket if I don't mind saying so myself! both in jeans, you may remember mine from my Raw Hem Denim post. Even though it is nippy outside I just love how comfy they are. 


At least once to twice a week, once is certainly a must I make time for just Leanora and I. I think it's so important to spend that quality time with your children, you don't have to do anything major, it could be as simple as baking bisucuits, to coloring or braiding one another's hair, not that she will let me touch her curly mop! Or the weekend morning trips to the cinema, as any parent knows and loves the £1.99 Kids AM  movie slots.  But just that quality time forms such a tight bond, plus for me it keeps me grounded and to just remember, that the inane things in life are really not relevant, my little human is. 

Did you manage to bag any goodies from Gap with the 40% off? How do you Mumma's spend quality time with your little ones?

Have a fab week everyone!

London Mumma xx


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