Tuesday 29 November 2016

Christmas Gift Guide For Girls

Christmas Gift Guide For Girls
Now I've been strategically planning on what to get L for Christmas, not just mad dash last minute buying or buying just for the sake of it, buying gifts should be meaningful for you loved onesand choosing something that would last forever or at least a month or two if your little one is anything like my Cha-Chi.

If you are stuck for a few ideas be it something to last a little longer than Boxing Day and others that our indistructable and can with stand your little one then you've come to to the right place as I've scoured the web, Christmas fairs and markets galore to bring you some amazing gift ideas for girls.

I came across this darling brand whilst at The Spirit of Christmas Fair, well actually Leanora found it as she came with me and made a beeline for this in particular princess playhouse and dived right in. These playhouses can be for indoor and outdoor play, more indoor due to the current season. Win-Castle have a huge variety of playhouses for our little boys and girls, i'm going for this princess castle for my little Cha-Chi to have magical playtime in.

A bit of a shoe junkie both Leanora and I and what perfect way to kick of Christmas in a pair of new funky sneakers, a bit of a splurge I know for something that you may think won't last a long time but you may remember my Halloween Kids Edit and their you will be able to find a similar and more affordable pair! I mean they are frightingly awesome right!

A dolly is an must for every girl, now Leanora may not be a super girly girl, thank the lord she has not yet found her inner Barbie but she has just got into Toy Story and she watches it every day, even when out thanks to Disney Life! So what better way then giving her a new buddy to watch it with then Jessie frmo the Disney Store

Now this year alone I've gone through 1 IPad and 1 Laptop, which you may remember my rant and frustration which led me to my Insurance post and he importance of it now that I'm a Mumma. With the sales being on and the Black Friday deals still lingering I am thinking of purchasing one of these for Lso she her very own, but what better way to have it protected with one of these fancy rubber covers, the iPad may be expensive but you can purchase the casing at an affordable price, therefore justifying the costly price of a device. Remember which I'm sure you will once purchased modify to the kids setting. I couldn't believe and pleasantly surprised that their is a YouTube just for kids which is perfect. Plus I get to have my own one back.

This is the lifetime gift. When hunting the web for that perfect gift for Leanora which she can enjoy again and again (as long as she does not rip the pages) is a personalised book I'm a big believe that reading broadens the mind.

Every little lady needs a bag, to carry her books, iPad, Jessie  and Milo our cat in too. And what better way than giving her one of the gorgeous personalised bags from the Cambridge Satchel Company. They have mini versions to the large which is great for matching mummy and daughter days. 

How are you all set for your Christmas gift buying have you started?

London Mumma xx 

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