Monday 28 November 2016

Motherhood Monday: Power Puff Girls

Feeling like two little superheroes floating on pink air and both snug as a bug in our new on trend puffa jackets, purhased from River Island (Mumma's & Leanora's) well more feeling and looking like Cartoon Network's Power Puff Girls in our matchy-matchy pink puff jackets.

Now I swore I never be one of those Mumma's that matched with her child, but I have to say I am absolutely revelling in it. I also have another confession, I've never been a major fan of River Island, but this puffa caught my eye in the Westfield branch, I thought hmm at £90 a bit much for River Island, but  really loved it, now after seeing it I thought I go for a little mooch around, so I headed upstairs after seeing this cute fluffy hat that Mother Pukka's daughter was wearing in the Stylist magazine and thought even though L doesn't keep her hats on, that would look so cute on her and their it was, a shining beacon, the same bloody puffa jacket in kids size's, then another glorious thing happened they were offering 20%  off via their instore mag! Say no more and get outta my way! I prayed to the moon and stars that they had them in our size's! Hey presto they did, I went a size up for L as she is quite tall for a 2 year old, plus it will last longer (a little heads up money saving tip) and they did thank the lords, I scooped both of our sizes and head to the checkout. 

They I have to say are both brilliant and super warm so perfect for the time of the year and now that the weather has dramatically dropped. I have washed Leanoras mind you be it only once and really pleased that it has retained it's shape and colour, plus the hood is detachable. I decided to continue the matchy vibe, by keeping our attire similar with a pair of denim jeans (Mumma's & Leranora's) white jumpers (Mumma's & Leranora's) and trainers (Topshop-sold out similar & Leranora's).

Are you guilty of matching your mini-me to your outfits? Do you know of any great brands that cater to similar outfits, not just for us girlies, we can't leave out our boys! if so, let me know below. 

P.S to my sister Amiee, see I DO shop at River Island lol!

London Mumma xx


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