Monday 21 November 2016

Motherhood Monday: Potty Training

That time has come where my little Cha-Chi is no longer the baby that needs mumma to take care of her, she is growing up and independence has started to take hold of my little one. 

Potty training, where do I or us as parents begin, you find that as a parent a single one or not, we all compete to have our child be the best and the first in our social circles or nursery groups do everything, be it potty trained, saying their first word, or taking their first steps. 

Now lets not shy away, we all do it as parents, we have that inner lioness or lion in us to compete with other parents to get one over them and shamedly gloat that our little sprogs, have reached a milestone before theirs, whilst the other parent sticks there middle fingers up behind the back of the show-off smug parents and curse them out under our breath, then race to Mothercare (other stores are available) and purchase the necesseciteies to have our child brought up to speed.

This happened with me, a mum informed me that her darling babe, way before she was two was FULLy potty trained, I thought what a cow, literally I did and that was enough to fire me up and start Leanora on being potty trained! At the time she was 19 months old! I purchased a Disney one that had music, so everytime she successfully went to do her business on the potty, when she flushed it, it played the Disney Mickey Mouse Clubhouse song and had clapping in the background, very interactive and Leanora just started to get in to Mickey Mouse Clubhouse so was perfect and she would be trained in no time......or so I thought. 

I dedicated so much time to training Leanora, I even sat on it myself and no I didn't use it, but the amount of bleeding time I spent on their I bloody should of! 

There are no right or wrong ways to to begin, but its just where to begin the potty training process, what is even more difficult and can become quite stressful is the variety of potties & nappies on offer, do I need to have pull-up nappies which are the right ones, pull-up pants, brands, sizes etc and that just on pull-ups, don't even get me started on the hundred of variations of potties, electrical ones, coloured ones, travel ones it is endless. 

I was training Leanora for 2 weeks, and you know what, she wasn't even interested in the slightest, was it too early to start at 19 months, I still don't even know, but what I do know is, is that she was not interested! I had smelly wee wee'd carpets. I could see on her face when walking around the house bare bottomed the commencement of the toilet process and carrying her and rushing and failing to get her on the potty in time.  

I eventually gave up, I could not bare the stress at being wee'd on and it wasn't even just me getting stressed we can forget that our little ones too can become stressed and then draw back, from the pressure we may be putting on them to go for a wee. 

The best thing is to let your littles ones decide, keep the potty in a place where they will go, don't move it and eventually they will draw to it when they are ready. Low and behold at 22 months, this is what happened with Leanora, I was in the kitchen, she in the front room, watching Peppa Pig or some other kids programme singing away, I went to check on her and there she was, sitting their completely in her birthday suit, she looks at me and smiles and says 'wee wee mummy, wee wee' I was happy as Larry, I scooped her up, pee everywhere and I swung her around and gave her a massive hug. I was so pleased, it may not of been a number two, but all things come in time, just wait and have patience, our kids have got this. Society can turn us all in to pushy parent's but the thing is to remember is to just relax, our little sprogs will let us know when THEY are ready, who wants to be dictated to any way.

Would love to hear your experience with potty training and how it went for you. Do you have more than one child, how was it with the others, was it easier or harder I would love to hear your thoughts?

London Mumma xx

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