Monday 5 December 2016

Motherhood Monday: 5 Top Tips For A Single Parent


Being a single parent can be tough for us Mumma's and Daddy's, but I say personally, it's as tough as you make it!

Whilst I am grateful for the help I do get, it is solely just me which is fine, but I've got or should I say I have worked out a few top tips that's helped me get by and thought I share them with you beauts.

Now I'm a firm believer that every child needs structure, but sometimes things crop up that you don't want to or have not planned for. Being a parent is all about flexibility, flexibility is key! You have to be somewhat of Jekyll & Hyde type, actually a little harsh, more like a chameleon is more like it, ready to morph at a drop of a hat in to what ever superhero, doctor, story teller, princess a bouncing buffon even to get you through!

I'm very fortunate to be able to work, let alone work for myself. I've always loved working, I've worked slave labour for my dad since I was 13, well that's because I was a tad naughty at school and couldn't stay in the house unsupervised, but I'm a star now, right dad? (Probably met by silence and a stern glare) But weither working for yourself or working for a company as a parent, you have to have the right balance for family time. Before working for myself I worked for a family run company (husband and wife) and they were truly brilliant and always flexible on my hours or if something came up and I had to pick up Leanora from nursery and dash off. Don't be afraid to let your boss know and see if you can work out a schedule that suits you both, guaranteed 9 times out of 10 they understand, as long as your upfront.

Me time
Now for me to not go completely bat shit crazy (sleep deprivation, can have this effect, check this out here). I do, as well as all of us need to have some alone time, just to unwind. Even if it's just to have a bath or crap on my own, which you may remember on my 10 Things I Never Thought I Say post (you can see I enjoy the simple things in life) read a book or catch up with friends, go on date night, it's great for the soul! As soon as I see Leanora after a few hours of just me time, I feel better for it more refreshed, I feel that I can be a better mumma to her and she is happier for it too. I know for some single parents who can not afford childcare or don't have family close by, my top tip is to schedule something in with a mumma friend where you can maybe swap sitting duties, but obviously one you trust.

Marry Poppin's...Always be prepared
I say this and half the time I bloody end up forget something! But I never leave the house, if it's me and Leanora's day with a few essentials, A: wipes B: snacks C: water, D: toys, E: nappie, this list can just go on, so instead of gettng caught out, I have little checklist which I have in my head and go over it and tripple check that I have everything in my bag, to find out what other bits and bobs and crumbs in my bag, you can check out what is in my handbag here

Just cool your jets
Remember you are only human, don't sweat the small stuff, their is no right or wrong way, it's only the way! I know I am guilty of it too sometimes, I doubt myself and beat myself up for the smallest of things, but I take a step back, count to 10 and realise, actually everything is fine, Leanora is happy and healthy, she hasn't killed the cat...poor Milo the house is semi in order, all the bills have been paid, let me just cool my jets and give myself a pat on the back, we've made it through another day, to be scared to congratulate yourself! 

I hope you like my 5 Top Tips for a Single Parent. What would you add to the list? Leve your comments below. 

London Mumma. xx


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