Wednesday 7 September 2016

Mumma's Handbag Essentials

 Mumma's Bag Essentials

Before I leave the house I always go through my must have essentials in my handbag.

Granted half of the time I am such in a rush and running late, due to the sleepless night from having my little Ca-Chi uppercut me in such a way I thought I was being battered in round 1 by Chung-Li from Street Fighter.

But every mother has essentials in their handbag which somewhat resembles Aladdin's Cave, to be able to semi-function and survivor the day until you get back home and your little sprog is tucked in bed and you can have that cheeky glass of  lady diesel to prepare you for another night of getting your arse kicked.

My life in a rectangle is a must-have essential, it holds all my secrets and is an essential lifeline, be it for nursery, work or personal calls, it is also a much needed for Insta, Twitter, Facebook, Dinsey Life and the most important Uber Eats.

How else am I going to get into the house, even though I secretly wish they were magic keys (I pray for this every day) and I can just step onto a beach or in a large mansion where I've staff waiting to feed me grapes or answer Leanora's never ending question of WHY???? I tell you bloody why! They let us into our cosy one-bed ground floor garden flat in South London!

Bank Card
Half the time, Leonora's pinched my purse along with my oyster so as long as I got this bad boy, we can travel and eat plus it also doubles up as a bookmark.

A big essential in my life, be it for food covered faces or dirty hands for the little ones, this is also an essential for us parents too, great if on the tube in the morning and now the kiddywinks are back in school, the morning tube is always an odious sweatbox, so a great way of freshening up and staying cool. 

Ahh, the good old survival product that comes in a form of a sleek tube from Nars. Now this is a permanent must have. My fellow yummy mummy blogger Cat is a beauty blogger she always has gives great advice and tips on beauty products, if I need a little refresher I look to her for great tried and tested products. Anytime I have got a query on something, she is happy to advise, as personally, I have not got a freaking clue! 

If you technology fails I've got a backup, and 9 times out of 10 technology has failed me due to a certain little toddler (name no names) has gotten her sticky Peppa Pig, chocolatey fingers all of my gadgets (currently the C has gone in my laptop and IPhone 6 and the 5 are in total disrepair but that is cool my upgrade is due in 5 weeks, so I'm hoping the phone holds out until then).

Be it one that has been bashed up by DeeDee's poor head (Baby Annabelle to you and I) or L's shopping cart has ridden over it, or one that I've simply confiscated due to it having been used to decorate my lovely yet recently painted white walls or doors, there is always one lurking around in case I get any great ideas (the shopping list).

Spare clothes
Potty training done! But you always got to be prepared for any little accidents, no one wants to walk around with a soggy bottom or messy top.

I always bring one out with me, just in case if Leanora falls asleep I don't want her wetting herself or the bloody buggy getting wet, it can be a nightmare to clean, I don't know why the fabric just doesn't come off!

When hunger kicks into your little ones and the tantrum is about to go from 0 - 100 and no shops in sight, boy you will be glad that you've packed a snack, be it fruit or my homemade gluten-free seedy oat bars I have always got a little something in stored in my OXO storage set.

An obvious essential to keep you and the little ones hydrated on the go.

Crumb and Wrappers
Who doesn't love this! A bag is not bag unless you have small mountains of this fairy dust collecting in the bottom of your cave.

I hope you liked my Mumma's Handbag Essentials, what are your essentials that you can't leave the house without?

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