Thursday 22 September 2016

Essentials Every Kid Needs

With the weather now turning more into Autumn our children essentials have now changed, gone are the fancy sandals, shorts and summer dresses, it is time to dust off those wellies and get the raincoats out. 

We have got a great list of essentials for all the kids, easy to wear and versatile pieces to see them through the Autumn months.

Autumn is here, even though it still feels like summer with the humid air, but a great jacket, be it a bomber, denim or raincoat will be a must have and certainly an item requirement for every child, I mean we can haven't them freezing their little bodies off!

Great for nursery and everyday wear, they are great for the kids to run around and play in, giving them great movement to jump off the sofas, with so many designs out there your little one will be spoilt for choice.

Be it a boyfriend, skinny or straight cut every kid needs a good pair of jeans, no matter the style or colour the designs and colours are endless and is to throw on and they go with everything. 

Be it skinny, thick or multicoloured stripes, who's kid doesn't look cute in stripes. 

Now every single child I know loves jumping in puddles, more so when they have got new shoes on, now instead of them destroying the new pair of trainers or dress shoes, I must stress the importance of buying wellies. I had to learn the hard way, I thought Nah, my little Cha-chi won't be jumping in puddles, stupid me forgot that the girl loves Peppa bloody Pig!

Be it a backpack, shoulder bag, hat, umbrella, socks, scarves or gloves every kid needs accessories, they dress up any outfit, plus those added essentials to keep our little sprogs warm and dry for the wetter months. Leanora hates having anything in her hair, so when we go out shopping or which I prefer I let Leanora pick as this way it will be something I know she will love and she will wear, so make it an experience to share with your little one, especially those that can be a little bit fussy like my Cha-Chi.

We hope you liked our Essentials Every Kid Needs post, let us know what you think and what you've snapped up for your little sprigs this Autumn.

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