Wednesday 24 August 2016

La Petite Bretagne, Clapham, London

Making most of the last August summer sun here in London, I thought I take some of my fave gal pals (Leanora & cousin Nic) to a new eatery (new-ish) in Clapham.

We all deserve a treat for lunch, be it in a form of a savoury or sweet treat and where better to go and enjoy at Le Petite Bertagne 'Little Britian' (not the tv show).

With September looming ever so close I want to squeeze every last drop out of the summer sun.

What better way to do it tha in a new dress and new sandals

Le Petite Bretagne is located in the heart of Clapham.

Nic went for the Campagnarde (cheese, ham and egg).

Leanora had the Veggie (cheese, spinach and mushrooms).

I had the Paimpol (mozzarella, tomatoes, fresh basil and ham).

All crepes are are made with buckwheat flour and are gluten and wheat free. 

For those who have children, this is a great spot to bring them as Le Petite Bretagne are extremely family friendly and encourage all children of all ages to come on in, they even have an art and craft sheet to keep your little one entertained and food is very reasonable, but as the Crepes are quite large (I would suggest 1 to share between 2 toddlers), they could probably offer a children's menu. 

None of us fancied any desert, Leanora was going to have an Ice cream but she had fallen asleep.

So whilst my sweet treat fell asleep in my arms I tucked in to a much needed coffee.

All in all, a great lunch had and looking forward to the next girlie lunch.

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