Wednesday 3 August 2016

Dr Pierre Ricaud A French Treat

There is nothing quite like waking up to than glowing firm skin. Well that was how I felt I looked in my early 20's, fast forward a few years and guurrl! I need a little help.

Now my thing is, I've a very hectic life (who doesn't) and at times when putting Leanora to bed I end up crashing out with her, but I am becoming more determined to stay awake get the house work done, tomorrow's prep and before I hit the hay see through my nighttime beauty routine! Mornings I've got it down to a T, I just wake up 30 mins earlier to get it all done before my little Cha-Chi wakes!

I was recently gifted by the lovelies at Petit Bateau, a French skin care brand unknown to me Dr Pierre Ricaud.

Three delightful shiny new products now at home with me and I could not wait to try and test and share my thoughts with you all after using these delightful French products after a week.

Hydra-Rides Hydro-Replumping Cream

I have been using this cream in the morning, a nice and light not too heavy for the Summer season. I don't normally use a day cream in warmer weathers I tend to use oils, but this is light enough for daytime coverage. It glides sleekly over the face not greasy at all, a light floral scent which is nice and for me a person all about scents and smells it is a lovely start to my beauty regime. It states that it is a replumping cream but I think that it is a little over exaggerated for me personally! However, my skin certainly felt hydrated which is what you want in a cream. When pressing on with your morning beauty regime I would wait for 5-10 minutes before applying your makeup, so that this cream can settle. Overall I really like this cream, maybe not one that I would purchase but it certainly piqued my interest in Dr Pierre Riacud! Currently priced at £12.00 normally priced at £24.00 so a whopping 50% saving which you can purchase online at Dr Pierre Ricaud

Collagènes 9 Activateur Pro-Collagènens

Now this cream is a real treat out of all three products this is my second favourite. The packaging is lovely, especially in the morning light he just lights up my dressing table.  I use this cream at night, it can be used for during the day, but I would find it too heavy for now, so I use this at night. When using this cream it reminds me of my grandad's bedroom as a kid, a familiar scent of powder/talc. It is nice and luxurious and very rich which I really like as a night cream and thankfully not sticky as some creams I find can leave my face feeling when this heavy. When I wake in the morning, my face feels nice and firm and looks very refreshed like I have had a good 9 hours sleep ( I wish! I've not slept for that long in over 2 years) just what I want in a cream. At £19.50 on Dr Pierre Ricaud website, you really can not go wrong a great price point for a night cream, but some may find it a bit top heavy, but I promise it is a steal as it is normally priced at £39.00

Collagenes 9 Eye Lifting Treatment Cream

I have been focusing on my eyes a lot of late due to lack of sleep and dark circles creeping up on me like a MOFO! I was super excited to try this and put it to the test. First off, it is a great size, so days I do not wear makeup (most days, still perfecting my makeup technique skills) I carry this with me and it fits snuggly in my bag. What can I say about this eye cream SHAMAAZIING! I love it truly I do, it feels great around the eye area, I feel an instant freshness and lift like I am seeing for the first time. I use this eye cream in the morning, every morning for the past 10 days! The application is great, it has a brush applicator to help you apply, I find that sometimes I can be a bit heavy-handed and squeeze more than I need, with this I am a bit more conscious when squeezing which is great. Downside to the brush applicator, it can become a little dirty, great side to it is that it has an on/off function so great when it is in your bag and gets knocked around nothing will be able to squeeze out, so no unnecessary wastage! This product too is on offer at £12.25 a 50% saving at its normal price of £24.50 on the Dr Pierre Ricaud site.

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London Mumma xx


  1. Lindsey, these products sound so interesting. I'm not familiar with the brand but after reading your review, I'm very tempted to try them so I've added them to my list. Thank you for such a beautiful and honest review!
    ~ Cat L.

    1. Hey Cat, I too was unfamiliar, but I have to say they are truly great, especially the eye cream, I love the applicator. You are the true beauty queen, do you know of any other eyes creams that have this application? I am so glad you like my review of the Dr Pierre Ricaud products. Thank you for reading honey x

  2. Great post, and nice to meet you at the event!

    Emma Louise Layla x

    1. Thanks Emma, you too, I had such a great time. x


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