Monday 15 August 2016

Gingham Love

Currently, I am chasing the sun in London, where ever it shines brightest you shall find Leanora & me there.

What better way to do it than in an amazing dress, a print that stands the tale of time and trying something out of my comfort zone and me not ending up looking like a picnic blanket, none other than my latest purchase from Zara my Gingham Dress

Now as you will get to know me that I am total Zara junkie, anything new I have to have it, I would say probably 80% off my wardrobe is from Zara and the other 20% is made up from ASOS, but what can I say I like what I like, but do not worry I did actually pop into Westfield over the weekend (sheer madness I know and no one ever pops in, it is more like a field trip) and nipped into Mango, which I have to say had some really cute bits and may have purchased and item or two.

This dress is perfect, especially for those that want to hold in the tummy area due to too many Proseccos in the sun (guilty as charged), plus if you have small boobs like myself, the tie not front really pushes up your cleavage, a win-win all round if I don't mind saying so myself. 

I thought I share with you, a few Gingham dresses that I found online and currently crushing on and at bargain prices too! Let me know what you think, great right?

Are you off chasing the sun this year, if so where you headed too, trying to decide on where to take Leanora in September and need some inspiration. 

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London Mumma xx


  1. Lindsey, first off you look amazing and I have serious body envy! I love anything with a gingham print and this dress looks like it was made for you. I too am a Zara addict, as I love their styles and of course, their price points. Great post and beautiful look!

    ~ Cat L.

    1. Thanks honey, I am totally feeling anything with the Gingham print, just bought another gingham dress, this time its pink. xx


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