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MINTD Box: Holiday


I have a confession, I am not a makeup junkie kind of gal, but I am a lover of all things skincare. For me taking care of my skin is second to none. So I was delighted or should I say squealed like a little piggie, ok ok a fat one lol! When the MINTD team got in touch and wanted me to try out their new Holiday Box, BINGO just in time for Christmas and the party season kicks off.

I am or should I say used to be a lover of beauty boxes, I used to be subscribed to two at one time, but felt that they had some what lost there panache and were sending me things that A) Was not for my skin type B) I had an abundance of C) did not meet my needs. So why did I opt to go for MINTD well, it ticked all the right boxes yes it is a lot more costly, but your also are saving loads which is great for the pocket. Another bonus I love is that they are actually sending you full size products, well apart from one, which they clearly state in their booklet guide. Enough of the chit chat folks, let's get stuck in and I've got loads to show and share with you.

Let's begin with what's in the the MINTD Holiday Box shall we.

1. Oskia Skincare Bedtime Beauty Boost - £23.40
2. Anne Semonin Exfoliating Mask Full Size £42
3. Anne Semonin Botanic Toner & Milk -Super Deluxe Size £14
4. Renskincare Keep It Young & Beauty Instant Beauty Shot - Full Size £36
5. Magicstripes Wake Me Up Collagen Patches - £28
6. Cleans by Lauren Napier- Super Deluxe Size at £8

The MINTD Holiday Box is beautifully packaged all tied up with a glittery bow, but we are not here to talk about the box which is fab and gorgeously designed and far from flimsy as the others. Great to keep and use as storage, alas we are here to talk and get to the nitty gritty about the bad boys inside and what a site to behold.

Oskia a brand that I have seen around and is beauty blogger fave, but not had the chance to buy so I was very happy to receive the travel size Oskia Beauty Bedtime Boost. I normally use a nighttime serum, but I am firm believer if you want great skin you have got to mix it up a bit, keep your skin guessing, plus if you use the same thing over and over you do not reap the real benefits as your skin has become so used to the product. This night cream is jam packed with vitamins and patented with anti-ageing ingredients so not really a product for someone in their twenties (you lucky sods) but being in my early thirties great to start tackling those first signs of lines. I've used this cream three times a week and as it's claimed you skin in the morning does look healthier and leaves a nice little glow. This cream is luxuriously thick, so a little goes a long way, a nice light floral scent not as heavy as I thought it would of been which is great, especially for my sensitive skin and what I love it's perfect for this time of year and the harsh cold weather, as it's left my face feeling nourished and non-greasy.

Now I love to exfoliate and dare I admit I probably exfoliate mores than I should a week, but I just can't help it, it makes me happy. Being on the tube and in the London smoke, plus all the dirt clogging up my pores all day, nothing pleases me more than getting home and clearing my skin of that grime! So was pleased to know that I can use this Anne Semonin Exfoliating Mask daily, but I went for 5 times throughout the week morning and night. Applied to my wet face and rubbed in circular motions, I always start from my forehead and work my way down, don't know why but I feel that way I know I won't miss any of my face (can I get a shout out to OCD lovers) and they advise to leave it for two minutes, but I have sensitive skin so a minute s more than enough. The fine microbeads work their magic, fuelled with red seaweed which helps to absorb impurities. My skin looks fresh and clean. A great tip to leave it on for a minute or two to allow it to absorb and works like magic and skin looks refreshed and left feeling like new. For those that are pregnant this product is save to use.

The days I was not using the Anne Semonin Exfoliating Mask, I went for the Anne Semonin Botanic Toner & Milk now the Botanical Milk is a real luxurios treat, it an be used morning & night, gently massaged into your face and neck and is great to help breaking down the daily grime and makeup and removes with ease, leaving your face feeling extremly velvety. The Botanical Toner can also be used morning & night appled the same way as the Botanical Milk but with a cotton wool, some people use the pads, but some times I can find them a little coarse, so wool is perfectly fine to use. The Toner is formulated with with witch hazel, I remember anytime I had fallen over as a kid my mother would use this on my knees and elbows if grazed and I remeber her telling me its great for loads of things. Witch hazel is a natural cleanser and toner and great for clariy skin and also helps reduce porse too. Both are travel sizes, which is great and very handy if you have a weekend booked away over the Christmas season or vsiting family.

Renskincare Keep It Young & Beauty Instant Beauty Shot I absolutely love this, I am not going to hide or pretend, if you remember I've blogged abut this beauty before here. I was absolutely chuffed to find a full size in my box, as I was just about to run out. It does exactly what it says on the box, but, my only but wait for 5-10 secs then you honestly feel your skin tighteing and becoming firmer, it glides on ever so smoothly across the face and is a non-sticky serum which is fab, it just seeps in and works like a treat.

Magicstripes Wake Me Up Collagen Eye Patches a silicone patch that is supposed to revive tired eyes, soften lines and bring back a sparkle to your eyes. As a mother I hardly get much sleep, especially with Leanora (who is a terrible sleeper FYI) kicking and serving me a quick slap throughout the night, so I though hmm ok let's give this a go I'm sure, but doubt it would work (ever the optimist) But to answer if it works, hell bloody yeah ladies and gents, seriously after the 30 minutes that you must leave it on for I removed, patted the excess in and it was like little angels or wizard dancing around my eyes. I felt a lift in my eyes, they were even wider, I mean heck they looked more alive, pre-parenting days even (soz Leanora!) It also lasts a good few say 8-10 hours I had applied before going to bed and woke up in the morning, done a nursery drop, conquered the tube and got through a morning meeting and still felt the wonders of Magicstripes. A brilliant new product find and one that I will continue to use and replace and what's is great, they can be used daily and men can see them too.   

CLEANSE By Lauren Napier A luxury cleansing wipe made from pure ingredients and complex natural compounds to help lift the days impurities, removes the days makeup or if you need a quick refresher it's great to help revive you. I thought, as I don't wear much makeup I'll keep these handy in my bag and if I need to freshen up or if going into a meeting and do need to wear makeup these wipes could help me prep. Now my bag has everything in it, normally! So I popped open the bag and realised I didn't have one of those food bag clips (well I did, but it was in use for my popcorn and by heck was I going to remove it from that)  so I rolled it tightly up and popped it back in my bag, it was not until I got home hours later and getting ready to take of my makeup (8 hours later) I realised they were in my bag. I dived in to my endless bag found it had unraveled and knew they would of dried out, but they had not! All remaining wipes still miraculously held their moisture which is a sign of a great luxury product. Also if you wear lenses you can use the cleansing wipes to remove stubborn mascara without affecting or causing damages to your eyes, as if found some wipes have.

MINTD box is a new company, they only started earlier this year here in the U.K. They cater for the luxury end, a gap that has been missing in the market of subscription boxes. They may come with a hefty price tag but you are getting a huge saving, a perfect gift for a special someone this Christmas or a birthday treat. What is great you can see what is inside the box before you subscribe. They ship to the UK, W.Europe, North America & Australia

The Holiday Box costs £80 which includes free delivery.  The value of The Holiday Box is £153, a whopping saving! But as a special crimbo treat they are offering my readers an additional 10% off with the code Holiday10.

Have your received a Beauty Box? What do you think of the MINTD Box? Leave your comments below!

Happy Holidays.

London Mumma xx


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