Monday 19 December 2016

Motherhood Monday: Quality Time

The past few weeks have been crazy busy with work, the house and life in general, whilst I'm not complaining the one thing I've hated is not being able to spend that girly quality time with my Cha-Chi.

Now, you know me I'm loving a little twinning day with my best girl, so as soon as I saw these beauties in Gap at a delish 40% off I just had to have them.

With Christmas knocking on our door, can you believe we only have 6 more sleep's until the big day, how fast has 2016 gone by! I wanted to get some quality time before the whole family bundled into our home.

We Set off to Clapham Common, on Sunday morning what can I say we are outdoorsy which I love. For a good old run around, besides I also had my two nephews and my sister and keeping them out the house whilst I try and protect the new flooring and freshly painted white walls is a necessity, plus the boys are teaching Leanora to draw dinosaurs and Spider-Man and I know she is eyeing my walls as a blank canvas, to get all artsy on my arse!

For me being outside is brilliant I never want Leanora to just be lounging around and watching TV all day, which is not a bad thing don't get me wrong, I love chilling in our pj's and just hanging out, but with Christmas around the corner, my Christmas TV and The Affair binge can wait!

There is something invigorating and feeling more at one with nature, and just breathing in clean fresh air, well not so much so in London but you catch my drift. I am actually planning on camping or should I rather say glamping with Leanora next year, last time I did anything of that sort is when I went with school to Sayers Croft many a moon ago.

After a few hours spent in the common, we picked up leaf's to paint, no sight of conquers so could not teach Leanora my brother and I favourite game as a child, spotted a few squirrels and other slimy wildlife, which she wanted to bring home for Milo! We headed back home to make some biscuits and enjoy the rest of our lazy Sunday.

What did you guys get up to over the weekend? How do you spend your quality time with your little ones? Please leave your comments below!

London Mumma. Xx

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