Tuesday 18 April 2017

10 Things To Know If You Are Single

Know one is meant to be single forever, but for a period yes. During that time, just simply enjoy it. I have created a list of 10 Things To Know If You Are Single.

You Make The Choice
When it comes to be or small decisions in life, be it the bills, dinner or what you watching on the TV, that decision and choice is yours. 

Yes it is lonely being single, especially if you are at friends for dinner or get togethers, or at home on your own and you crave that adult company, but take the time whilst single to enjoy your own company.

Love Life
Get out their and live life, you have nothing holding you back, well unless you have children, but that are what grandparents are their for, if not book a babysitter, their is only so much sitting down and 'Netflix and Chill' on your own you can do, be adventurous and get out their. 

You Have Not Expired
No matter your age, do not worry and do not listen to those, especially family members, who make you feel as though your are past your sell-by-date, have hope there is someone out their for everyone. 

You Are Strong
It can be tiresome and stressful to not share things, with a significant other, but what you go through whilst single will make you stronger and when  you are coupled, al those things that made you stronger, you will be able to kick down easily. 

Dating Apps Are Shit
I have been on a few dating app's and it is hard to sift through to find the right person, you meet a whole bunch of weirdo's, sent a whole bunch of nudes (FYI Not all great) and childish messages, but I'm an optimist, so I guess I will have to continue to swipe on through.

Dating Apps Are Fun
As much as they may be shit, they can certainly be fun, to the date, the nudie pics (as above) the conversations had, plus you never know you could meet the one, 

Find Yourself
Take time to get to you know you whilst single, be it on a retreat, at home and doing what you want to do, find out who you really are and work on where you are going in life and what you from it and what you want from yourself.

Be Open To Meeting Someone New
Don't be a closed books, certainly do take time out for yourself, but be open you never know when the right person, could be around the corner

Enjoy It!
No matter what, be it you are single for a short period or long period, just go out their and have fun, enjoy being single, as when you are finally coupled, it will be a new adventure in your life and who knows what it could lead too.

I hope you enjoyed my post on 10 Things To Know If You Are Single. Do you have any great tips for dating or life as a singleton?

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London Mumma xx


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