Tuesday 11 April 2017

5 Ways To Have A Better Day

With the sun shining, birds chirping, how can you have a bad day, but such is life not every minute is happy go lucky, but life is too short to be down in the dumps. I have 5 Ways To Have A Better Day.


Off Shoulder Top - H&M
Trousers - Zara
Shoes - Office
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Sunglasses - Zara

1.  Go For A Walk
Nothing better than getting some fresh air into your lungs. A 20 minute walk outside, will help to clear your mind, boost your moody and get your creative juices flowing and get for a bit of a workout.

2. Say Good Morning
To start my day off in the best way possible, the first thing I do when I leave my home and close my gate, the first person I see, I smile and say good morning. Honestly, it works trust me, a smile is infectious and can cheer up the grumpiest of souls, plus you are always guaranteed to get a good morning back, you will find that you have not just started your day better, but you've made someone else's day better too.

3. Pick Up A Book
I love to read, I do not get a chance to read as much as I do, but reading relaxes me and makes me feel good, so if I know I will be having a mad dash day, but will be going on the tube or bus (child free) I will always make sure to bring a book. Two weeks ago something somewhat embasrraingly fun happened to me, I bought a new book from Waterstones it seemed like a nice easy read, only to feel someone watching me, their was this girl smirking at me and looking to and throw at me and the book, I thought it she alright, bloody weirdo! The all of a sudden 'Shut The Front Door' I got to page 28 or 34 and 'Sweet Potato Pie' my mouth dropped open and I shut the book quickly! I only picked up a dirty book and the bloody cow knew, she literally knew, it will like 8:45 in the bleeding morning and their I am, Muggins! Reading a bit of porn on the tube, it swiftly went back in my bag, but I be honest it did make my day and clearly this how do I put her Voyeur lol!

4. Get Up And Dance
Turn up the radio, get your favourite album on and shake your tail feather and bust a move like jagger! Listening and dancing to music helps boost your mood and can help release endorphins, plus it is also a great way to get some exercise in, so I  bring it, and join me in and lets dance our way to happiness.

5. Meet Up With Friends
Be it for coffee or drinks or even going to a party with good friends, spending time with the ones that make you laugh and support you is a sure way to have a better day.

I hope these little tips help you to have a better day! If you have any great tips on having a better day, please do share them below I would love to hear them. If you like this post, you may also like my 5 Things To Do When Having A Slump post.


Off Shoulder Top - H&M
Trousers - Zara
Shoes - Office
Headscarf/Bandana - Zara
Sunglasses - Zara

London Mumma. xx


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