Wednesday 12 April 2017

The perfect look for relaxing at the park

With Leanora at Preschool, the sun shining and I am not running around like a crazy woman, O decided to have a bit of me time to chill, and smell the roses.

Instead of going to get my eyebrows done (slowly I am morphing into a mountain goat) and having my nails done which I really need to, I just felt that was too much effort and did not want to waste the day away, travelling from place to place.I decided with the Spring sun and semi warm air, to grab a coffee and the latest edition of Porter magazine and head to the park for a read by the river.

Blending into my background with this H&M green cargo skirt, a colour which I have been drawn to of late, maybe it is my inner earth mother coming out, but I have a true love affair with a safari look! It was actually one of my first ever blog posts. This cargo skirt is so easy to wear and style, if it is cold why not wear it with a slouchy jumper and trainers. 

You can not beat a white shirt, be it oversized, fitted, boxed, draped, you name it, but I have to say, I hate ironing, so if I can get away with not having to I won't! Or I'll sneakily pop on over to my granddads for a visit, so he can help me out lol! But truly you can not beat a crisp clean white shirt, the only downside, after a few washes I always find it looses it shape, or if like me with a toddler in tow, it normally ends up stained, no matter how much vanish you have rubbed into it and glow whites you have popped into the washing machine, those toddler sticky fingers just won't budge for love or money, plus I am tad lazy to send them to the dry cleaners.

I opted to wear heels, why you say well I need the practice and it is my day after all, plus it adds extra height to my look. I have bow legs, so I can look a bit stumpy, especially with this length of a skirt that I am wearing and I have to say they are one of the comfiest heels that I own! I went for a nude pair as anything too bright would not have gone with what I was wearing and black can darken the outfit and with the weather shining bright I wanted to keep my whole look light.

This embroidered denim jacket also from H&M I am currently living in, it goes with everything and I never want to take it off, if something fits and suits you just right, I am one of those people who will wear it death! But saying that I am on a hunt for a new denim jacket, one encrusted with pearls, so if you know of one, let a Mumma know. 

What your favourite look for relaxing in, be it a day at the park, doing what you want or running errands? 

London Mumma xx



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