Wednesday 26 April 2017

How To Wear Culottes This Spring

I never thought I'd be wearing a pair of culottes, but they are super comfortable and easy to wear be it dressed up or down. Oh, and do you not think that it is a funny word to say, culottes! Like panties, it always makes me chuckle! 

The culottes were originally worn by French upper-class men in the Renaissance era up until the early 19th century and be it not fast forward into the twentieth century we wear them loose, they were originally fastened below the knee with buttons, a strap and buckle or a drawstring. But that's enough history lets get back on how to wear them, shall we? 

What I am Wearing 

As chic as culottes are, you want to nail it by styling it the right way, if you get the wrong colour, shape for you, it can all go a bit Pete tong, and end up looking like a stumpy sausage. You want your culottes to elongate you, so go for a high-waisted pair so that it lengthens you, or if you are so in love with the pair you've bagged and sits on your waist, then wear them with a pair of high heels, to give you that height needed. 

Once you have found your perfect pair this Spring, wear them with a light top, nothing too heavy it is Spring after all and you will want something to balance you out, as culottes are quite wide on the lower half.

Looking to rock the culotte at work or during the day, then I would wear it with a blazer and some flat sandals as I have done for a more relaxed look and dress it up with some fab accessories to take you into night.

Will you be investing in a pair of culottes this Spring?

London Mumma xx


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