Tuesday 28 March 2017

5 Things To Do When Having A Blogging Slump

So you may have noticed I've not posted much over the recent weeks, due to a slight blogging slump, but finally, I'm hopping out of it. I'm sure, I and you will find yourself in this mind frame again, but here are a few things to help overcome it.

Now this little beauty which I learnt from Gracie has helped me tremendously, just by the smallest of things such as updating my About Me page, added new items to my Shop page these little updates can help boost your productivity and creativity to get the juices going, if not at least its a step in the right direction to keep your blog updated. 

Get out of the house, make sure your camera is charged because you never know when something may take your fancy and you just have to snap it! This happened with myself one-day last week when on route to my grandad's house, his neighbour has a beautiful magnolia tree outside their home and it was too glorious to not snap, you probably would have spotted it on my Instagram and luckily for good old me my camera was charged up.

Get Organised
Be it your home, your drawer at work, bills whatever is crowded get it cleared, even if it the smallest of space in your home. A To Do List, I love a good list be it on post-it notes, a notebook to even adding a list on my note section on my mobile, I am forever adding to it and forever trying to clear it, but it helps keep me focused and on the right track. 

Allow your imagination to run wild and get your creativity flowing by reading. Reading is so important be it a book, magazine or even a newspaper. I say that and I've got a mountain pile on my coffee table, I must remember to add it to my list! It helps broaden your mind, learn new words and keep up to date with current affairs that could even inspire you to write your own opinion/view on.

I'm an avid runner, well not as much prior to becoming a Mumma but I am finally getting back out their. Nothing makes me happier than a clear mind and what better way to clear all the nonsense and unblock your mind than to run it out by pounding the pavement. If you are not a runner, whatever exercise relaxes your mind, simply do it. 

What about you, what do you do to get out of a blogging slump?

London Mumma xx


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