Monday 13 March 2017

Tea and Glory

Whilst shooting Frills and Ruffles in Camden I spotted Tea & Glory still being built and I was dying to get inside to shoot, the interior looked amazing.
Fast forward a few days after work, I spotted a guy working furiously away late into the night. A tap on the door and I was greeted by the buzzing, passionate owner Andy, who told me his adventures across the world tasting and looking for exotics teas all over the world and bringing it to Camden Town or Chalk Farm depending what neck of the woods or Northern Line you live at. 

Tea & Glory is a treasure trove for tea lovers, currently they have 18 teas and 3 types of coffee, soon to be 100 tea blends but they only opened this Saturday, so you have to allow for a few teething issues, so if a tad ruffled by it, treat yourself to a freshly made salad or the mouthwatering soft brownie or fruit pot to the fluffiest pastries on offer to make up for it until all the Darjeeling you could want fully arrives. 

Tea & Glory, is a place to bring friends & family, catch up over the weekend or a quick tea break during work. It is also a place of learning, they will hold a series of Japanese Tea workshops throughout the month. Or if you fancy you can be nosey and watch the chefs in the open front kitchen all whilst making your way through massive amounts of tea from all over the world. 

Now if I'm honest I'm not a tea person, but persuaded and seeing the excitement and passion in Andy's eyes I decided to give it a go (I'm such a pushover) and boy I tell you I was shocked at the taste, it was nothing like anything I've tasted before, this is not like normal tea, a PG tips! This was exciting, my mouth was buzzing from this new exotic alien tastes that was erupting in my mouth.

I selected the 'Dancing on the Ceiling' for obvs reasons, what I can say, it certainly packs a punch, even though it's light as anything yet sweet even it's the perfect tea to start your day. This particular blend comes from China, Mo Ghan Shan, Deqing County to be precise found on the Mogan Mountain which translates to "Dont Interfere Mountain" and you can taste why! So no need to add milk or sugar.

Live or work locally, or coming in to London  do go to Tea & Glory, and sample its growing array of teas.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I've got another pot of tea brewing.

London Mumma xx

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  1. I am a tea lover and I always like to experiment so I'd love to go there, it looks like a lovely relaxing place. You look great in your outfit too!

  2. Ah I really don't like tea but this sounds like an amazing place for those who do! x

  3. Oh I love tea and your pics are great too

  4. This place looks fantastic! I'm not a huge tea drinker either but I'll would certainly love to try their coffee

  5. I love your outfit. So cute and stylish. The place looks amazing too. Lovely photos.

  6. So cool! I'll have to make my way to London to see Andy for some tea!


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