Friday 26 May 2017

2 Lunch Time Facials

Busy lives? hectic schedule? Check and check! With being on the constant go and at times lacking the quality beauty sleep we need, it can take a toll on our skin, leaving it a little dull and in need of some golden glow and a bit of TLC. 

Well, I can certainly help you achieve just that, all whilst in your lunch break! I know sounds so get out of the stuffy office or break free from the dreaded office air con and enjoy a fabulous spa treat facial all whilst in your lunch break. 

A busy morning of preschool run, emails, opticians and meetings the list grows, I was in dire need of some r&r and was very much looking forward to the best appointment of the day at the Sarah Chapman Beauty Clinic in Chelsea, for my Dermalux LED Light Therapy Treatment, which you may remember from my Instagram

As I sat down, in my comfy chair, faced cleansed, red LED Spaceship of wonders whizzed to life, I kicked back and relaxed, even snoozed a little whilst this non-invasive treatment took shape. I reluctantly opened my eyes 30 minutes later but was dying to see the outcome, I could feel it,  my skin felt tighter, my eyes felt wider, dare I say it, it felt SHAMAZING! And by freaking heck it looked it, my sensitive, blotchy red skin, looked alive, gone are the red blotches, my skin was glowing and hydrated and lapped up Sarah Chapmans Skinesis skincare line. I looked like a woman who was well rested with not a care in the world, it was great.

Fast forward a few weeks, and I headed down to Marshall Street Spa at Everyone Active, just off Carnaby Street, to try out a new treatment department with Caudalie, with some fabulous blogger babes, for an evening of pampering. Yes, I said evening, but the facial I went in for takes up 25 minutes of your lunch break, enough time to still pick up some lunch. 

Robe on, I headed into the dimmed treatment room, a quick application fill in and a lovely chat with my beauty expert to find out all about me and my skin and what I like and don't like and a few cheeky giggles too, then the facial commenced! With Caudalie's natural products worked into my tired face and learning all about the new Vinoperfecct range, which I am dying to get my hands on, especially as I could not stop having all about the Vino[Activ] range.

I have not been sleeping very well for the past few weeks, due to stress, which has left my face dull and lacklustre, bringing out those dark circles in full force and was doubtful that this 25-minute facial would help restore my face. Whilst these Caudalie potions and lotions are left to absorb into my face, I was given a much-needed hand and arm massage to my delight. It was result time! My complexion was healthier and glowing, dark circles diminished, face smoother and tighter and pores reduced on my sensitive skin! I actually looked like a normal human being again.

I think both facials are perfect for a lunch time pick me up, still leaving you with time to spare to pick up some cheeky products in the spa or some Percy Pigs from M&S.

Will you be heading for a facial this lunchtime?

London Mumma xx


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