Wednesday 31 May 2017

How To Wear Colour In The Office

It is officially summer and what better way to bringing a little sunshine into the office, by injecting some colour into your work wardrobe. Go on be a rebel! Add some colour, I dare you!

For a person who loves to wear mostly black, I thought, yes, it can still be done in summer as well as it being the norm in the office, but I am going to be bold, rather than going into the office with a relative monotone ,  I am setting my sights on a colourful work wardrobe.

By adding a skirt with a pop of colour or a great print, teamed with a black strappy top, takes the harshness out of a normal dark workwear attire, for example as I have shown, if you are scared of flashing to much flesh in the office, always have a cardigan or blazer to hand.

A cheerful dress, in soft tones, also works well in the office. Experiment with different styles, patterns and shapes. There is no harm in trying something new, you never know you may just like it, colleagues, too. If you go for something printed, but do not have the world of accessories, that's fine as you won't need it, lets the pattern speak for itself.

Next, you got to dress those feet and what better way than doing so by, adding a pop of colour into your working step, with a pair of bright shoes.

Will you be adding colour to your office wardrobe?

London Mumma xx


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