Monday 5 June 2017

5 Tips On How To Stop Being Late

I have talked about being productive, but I've yet to share with you how not to be late! Let me say, being late sucks and it totally upsets my chi! So to give me inner peace I put into practice a few things to be me be on time, instead of jumping or falling out of bad and running like a mad woman around the house, this is not a great way to start your day,

Alarm - set me, baby, one more time Nah!
Goes without saying, you need an alarm to get you up in the morning. If you are not a morning person who jumps out of the bed, whizzes up the coffee machine, shower, dressed and out, I suggest setting your phone too along with the alarm by your bedside. Don't get me wrong no two clocks are the same, for instance, my computer in the office is completely different to that on my phone and on the wall, but with some forward planning, I'm kicking times butt, instead of it kicking mine. I certainly suggest, for those who need a little time to get up, set your alarm 30 mins earlier, to help prepare you mentally for the day.

Forward travel planning
Going somewhere new and unsure of the route, get online and track that route master, have it on lock so you know how long and what time you will reach your destination! Granted this can change you can never foresee a delay, so don't let it delay you and plan your route.

Switch of from the distractions 
We all get caught up, being it a quick flick through Instagram to see what is new in the social media world, thinking oh I will send that quick email, before leaving the house, or let me just check X, Y and Z, it can wait, do it on your route your destination even. These little things are what slows you down and can cause you to be late.

Don't look back
7 out of 10 reasons why we can be late, is we are totally forgetting something, get organised the day or night before, or as I said get up an extra 30 mins to make sure you get yourself together so when you hit the road you are good to go.

Clothes Prep
Be it for the next day or an event, set out options, think of those options that you have and what you want to wear, think of the weather and what is needed and have it laid out or hung up so you are not frantically looking for something.

Time management has helped me achieve the art of patience, no more stressed out mornings, thus leading me to have a better day.

I hope these tips help you on not being late, do you have any tips? Please let me know in the comments below.

London Mumma xx


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