Tuesday 6 June 2017

25 Dresses You Need This Summer

The weather has turned finally for the better, and what better way to embrace it, by heading down to the shops and purchasing some new clothes.

I headed to my favourite store Zara and squealed with delight the instant I set my eyes on this glorious white rope dress, it just screams cool summer, perfect for these hot humid days and nights we are having, all is needed are a pair of espadrilles, the perfect bag and sunglasses and you are ready for the summer days.

Not a major fan of in-store purchases, as I much prefer online shopping, less crowded and 9/10 guaranteed they never have my size. I headed back home and scoured the web, for some fun, flirty, classic affordable dresses for you, all blissfully under £130.00 and few accessories too, that I think you'll love.

I hope some of these dresses helped you and your summer wardrobe planning, you can also find the perfect maxi dress here, or looking for the perfect pair of trouser's this summer, you can find it here.
Let me know if you found your perfect summer dress! Happy shopping.

London Mumma xx



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