Tuesday 27 June 2017

Day Date With Me And My Girl

This little beauty brings me nothing but smiles and giggles, ok, ok, ok I admit she can be a little madam, you remember some of the stuff that I've had to say to her. But in honesty, she is a babe!

As a working parent I make sure that I set time for our girlie day dates, to get to know one another, to grow and learn from one another, after all, special time, leads to a special bond, between parent and child, plus before you know it, my threenager, well in actual fact be a teenager, so I want to get as much time in with her as possible, before she runs off, gets married and leaves me with Milo!

Day dates are the best, we literally get up to know good, but dare I say it on unhealthy food, which normally consists of crepes with lashing's of chocolate and strawberries, after all, we gotta get in one of our 5 a day in some way. To running around in the park to burn off all those calories, to a leisurely stroll around the park, normally a day ended in Waterstones to pick up new books to read or tiger to stock up on painting supplies which if I'm not careful ends up on my wall (thankfully B&Q and Homebase are 20 mins down the road).

But the best part about our Day Date's, no not me having to carry her because she has zonked out and I'm laden with goodies from the day (note to self, buy a rucksack!) but that she makes me feel like the luckiest Mumma in the world and that my little Cha-Chi is growing up and you know what, as hard as I am on myself, I've not done too bad, she is happy, healthy and loving life, well unless she is arguing with the cat, God knows why, oh yeah because he is not putting on her Frozen dress, then has a pop at me, because he is ignoring her, God forbid she realises that he is Cat and just wants to be fed and wants cuddles!

How are your day dates with your kiddos and what do you get up too. Would you like a list of what to do or, maybe what's on throughout the month?

London Mumma xx



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