Monday 19 June 2017

Bedside Essentials

Sometimes, all you need is a few bedside essentials within reach or neatly tucked away in your drawer.

Be it in the middle of the night, to when you wake up and before you lay your head down of a night, there is always a few things you need to help you relax, be it a book, a few potions and lotions, to your glasses. After all, we know the importance of being relaxed of a night, to feeling refreshed in the morning to a little pick me up on a lazy afternoon with a much-needed siesta! Know matter what time you are in bed a few carefully lined up bedside essentials all neatly information are all you need to help relax and feel comfortable, so there is no need for you to get up out of bed, as all you need is a roll away.

Lamp, the perfect mood relaxer before going bed to bed, it is great for reading to helping you find fish something our of the drawer, to even navigating your way around in the middle of the night. Plus it is a great way to add a touch of style to your bedside table.

Hand cream, a must bedside essential, it is perfect for keeping your hands silky soft and hydrated throughout the whole night to first thing in the morning and I am a sucker for hand creams and I am currently loving this one by Bliss, it smells absolutely heaven thanks to the macadamia oil and grasped extract.

A good smelling candle such as this one from BlinkBrow, Indian Rose is all you need to help relax soothe your soul, bringing you to a tranquil state of zen whilst you prep for a blissful night's sleep to a busy working day in the morning.

Submerge yourself in your favourite book or magazine, whatever you choose it is the perfect way to unclog your mind of the day's activities all whilst getting lost in a thriller, fiction or magazine to find something to inspire your wardrobe or home.

We all need something to hold our most worn jewellery, so purchasing a little dish to hold your most treasured and worn jewellery is a must. So once ready for bed or in the morning, all your jewellery you have taken off, is easily accessible and all in one place.

Water, keeping hydrated throughout the day and night is a must, especially in this heatwave we are currently having, (I am not complaining) waking up at night with a dry mouth is not cute, so why not invest in a refillable water bottle to keep you hydrated from AM to PM.

Are there some bedside essentials that you need to have at hand? Anything that I am missing?

London Mumma xx



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