Thursday 4 May 2017

6 Thing's You Learn In Your 30's

When you turn 30, there are things you start to learn and it is a time to get more serious, but it does not mean that life ends there, hell no! Life just takes a different course so enjoy the ride. Your 20's are a time to just have fun, be adventurous and just live life, but if you are creeping your way into that dirty 30 or not, here are '6 Things You Learn In Your 30's'

Friendships Come & Go
Not everyone you meet and come across will be around forever and you know what that is ok, it is simply a part of life. Those friends who are meant to be there will be there, through thick and thin and those who are not, were not really meant to be there in the first place. In my 20's I had friends coming out of every orifice, but as you grow older and life changes so do friendships.

You Are More Optimistic
In your 20's when dating and you break-up with your partner, you literally feel as if the world is ending and you will never love again! Err yeah you do! have you not seen Tom Hardy telling the bedtime stories on CBBC.

Baby Brain
For those in a relationship or not, the one thing that can start to dominate your brain is babies! You start seeing, smelling babies everywhere, it is I suppose a natural step, but do not rush it, find out and take the time out to think about it as it is a big step and the best one you will ever make, here are some 'Top Tips For First Time Parents'.

You Can't Party Like You Used
Sweet baby Jesus, age is a killer let me tell you! Now back in the day (pre mumma) I partied like there was no tomorrow, 6 days a week as Saturday was shit in Central London. I could get up the next day, or more like me same day after a few hours kip and roll out! Now ha! Yeah right, it takes me about a week and couple of extra hours to get back to normality, your body is not the same baby! Tough times lay ahead!

You Embrace Your Flaws
You start loving yourself more in your 30's, not to say you let yourself go but you stop worrying about the smaller things in life. For instance, I have bow legs and I hated them when I was younger, I was even embarrassed and would not wear certain items of clothing, where you could notice them more. Now I couldn't give a hoot and I'll have my legs out as much as I can (weather permitting) and I love them and wouldn't change them for the world.

You Don't Need A Partner To Be Whole
When younger you worry about not having a partner and seeing your friends who do, you crave for what they have. But as I said in my 10 Things To Know If You Are Single post you are not expired and you learn to love your own company.

What have you learnt in your 30's, 20's even?

London Mumma xx

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