Wednesday 2 August 2017

Bioderma, The Ultimate Sunscreen For The Whole Family

We recently hit the beach for a little weekend getaway and a little salty air, sun chasing, crab spotting, wave riding and sun lounging. With the weather being an utter babe, Leanora in her element collecting sea shells her throwing caution to the wind and trying to bury her sun hat, it got me thinking about that good old Vitamin D, whilst it is great for sensitive eczema prone skin, her delicate skin, mine too needs some protection, that's where Bioderma comes in hand!

Not wanting to burn and become peely and protecting our skin from the sun and helping me reduce the risk of skin ageing, Bioderma's sunscreen's are perfect to protect the families skin. I always go for the maximum SPF 50 for both of us, I want us to get as much protection whilst out and about on a hot sunny day.

I find choosing a spray bottle for us both is perfect, this way you can keep track of where you sprayed, so no spots are missing, plus it's fun for the kids to get involved! (Leanora since being back has taken to try and spray Milo, God help me!)

Bioderma Spray for children is Hypoallergenic so perfect for Leanora's sensitive delicate  skin, it glides over smoothly, it does not leave her skin looking or feeling chalky and whats better is that it fragrant free so I know it won't give her a bad reaction, as well as being paraben free and can also be applied to dry or wet skin and is great to reapply after a ton of frolicking in the sea, and this can be applied to her face and skin.

For me, I go for the Dry Oil. It helps generate a natural tan, it is fragranced but is so light and in no way over powering, plus it helps absorb moisture back into sun parched skin. Just like the kiddies spray it is paragon free and alcohol-free also, as well as being non-sticky, it too can be applied to wet or dry skin.

Both are perfect to store in your beach bag, knowing that you and your family are protected on your summer holidays with one brand are brilliant and a little goes along way.

A massive thank you to Bioderma for sending us these fab sun protectors to shield us from those sunny rays on our sunny holidays, now just need to plan the next sunny adventure.

Which sunscreen are you using, have you found a brand that works for you and your family?

London Mumma xx



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