Tuesday 1 August 2017

Ameliorate Travel Beauty

I've always believed that no matter where you are in the world be it at home or on holiday near or far, you should always have a travel beauty kit with you.

Ameliorate a brand that I've come to know and love since its first introduction from MINTD have recently launched their travel beauty kit just in time for the holiday season, helping to boost, renew, smooth your skin all the while helping you keep that perfect holiday glow.

Three darling beauties are in this dermatologist approved kit, smoothing body exfoliant, nourishing body wash and the transforming body lotion all perfectly suitable to be neatly tucked away in your travel case.

I am a major exfoliant girl, not just on my face but body too, nothing makes me happier, knowing that my skin is being purified from the days grime and pollutants and I am always striving for a healthy glow, so why not achieve that with your body too. Ameliorates Smoothing Body Exfoliant does not let you down, my main concern at first was that I do have sensitive skin, now whilst I want to not feel as if I am tearing and damaging my skin further, taking one for the team I popped into the shower to give this a go! It was a dream and one that I was happy not to wake from. It is truly a gentle exfoliant (if there is such a thing, but trust me it's this) the biodegradable exfoliants just glides over the skin, all whilst helping to boost healthy skin surface renewal. My skin was left feeling super soft and smelt delicious and hydrated thanks to the shea and cocoa butter and coconut oil.

The perfect body wash to start the day, especially if you are looking for an instant uplift and wake up call! My favourite types of body wash are ones that smell heavenly but not overpowering, simply calming and making me feel invigorated and this Ameliorate infused with my favourite germanium, orange and cedarwood is the perfect shower companion to start those early mornings and leaves your skin feeling cleansed and moisturised.

I am a total sucker for a luxurious body cream, especially one like this that just seeps its way into your skin, leaving it smooth to the touch and hydrated and most importantly non-greasy. It is perfect for those holiday getaways and for those with dry, bumpy or rough skin perfect for giving you skin a boost of moisture, for me, it is a number one favourite. 

Ameliorates products are suitable for anyone with dry, rough, bumpy and dehydrated skin, but in my eyes are suitable for anyone who wants to achieve soft, smooth and healthy skin and works perfectly well for me as I have sensitive skin.

It is the perfect travel beauty companion.

Have you tried any of these Ameliorate products? Or what is in your travel beauty kit? I would love to hear your comments below.

London Mumma xx


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