Tuesday 18 July 2017

5 Things Every Working Mum Needs

 London Mumma 5 Things Every Working Muma Needs
Mummas far and wide I know that you will all be able to understand that we are unable to function without a few things needed in our working lives. From 5am starts to 11pm finishes on a daily basis, there are a few essentials that every working mum needs to be able to function throughout the day without completely losing the plot and crumbling to the floor and your kids using you like a bouncy castle all whilst wearing your good 6" high heels for extra measure!

Coffee Cups
For those coffee or tea lovers, we all need our little fix in the morning or throughout the day and what better way to keep charged up on the run, then with Stojo. Since becoming a Mumma I have become more aware of recycling and what is going on around me. I meticulously recycle at home and have various bins for everything. But whilst on the run I carry this nifty pocket cup, that is leak proof, collapsible and fun to use reusable coffee cup that comes in various colours, instead of purchasing a single-use cup that will just get tossed. 

Water wipes are a life saver and have many uses! Be it cleaning off the toothpaste your kids have just covered you in, to snotty noses, to help you keep cool on those hot summer days on the tube, no Mumma can not leave the house without them.

I never knew the importance of having a watch before, but to keep on top of things, and sometimes technology failing you a watch comes in handy, plus it can certainly add a touch of class to your outfit. With Ice Watches, there are endless designs and styles to keep you looking classy and chic a total no brainer to add the finer details to your outfit. 

Portable Charger
with all the Instagramming, Twitter, work emails and calls from your childs school and the other million things that go on through your mobile device, staying charged up to connect us to the world is important and a portable charger something that you will always find in my Mumma Bag

The juice of the gods comes in the form of Prosecco or lady diesel as I like to call it! After a long day or week, the kids safely tucked in bed, what better way to unwind with a glass or two on a Friday, with your feet up. Prosecco, not your key to happiness than whatever your tipple, make sure you enjoy at least one a week.

Are there things that you can not live without, to help you have a stress free home when working?

London Mumma xx


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