Tuesday 18 July 2017

Game of Thrones Date Night

With the amazing return of Game of Thrones last night I was totally buzzing and can not wait until the second episode! It got me thinking I wanted to talk to the new boy all about it's kick arse return, so during the second break which I was gutted about, (just play the show! Mumma needs her GOT fix and I've been waiting to many months for its awesome return) I was shocked to hear, angry even that he has NEVER EVER watched my beloved show!

Yep ladies and gents, my boys a weirdo! 

Which got me thinking, how can I bring him up to speed stat! Buy him the box set duh!

What a way to A educate the boy on all its glory and B it makes for the perfect date night opportunity! Well as long as he buys the popcorn and pizza!

So the moment Game of Thrones ended last night I booted up the laptop and headed over to my favourite DVD site, HMV where I snapped up GOT complete series box set for just £50.00, which also comes with free delivery plus you can even collect points, which I think I will use towards the Bates Motel box set.

Be it you are normal and watched GOT, HMV have loads of movies perfect for date night.

What are your favourite movies for date night?

A big thank you to HMV for collaborating with me on this post.

London Mumma xx



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