Wednesday 5 July 2017

4 Ways To Get Sh*t Done This Month

A new day a new month, leads to more and new exciting adventures and more responsibility, but if like me and any normal person with so much going on, from managing your home life to carting the kids from school to activity to visiting the dentist, meeting friends and prepping for holidays away, life can get a bit much and with so much going on you can forget what needs to be done, but with a little forward planning and a little patience I am going to help you, myself too with 4 Ways To Get Shi*T Done This Month! Now, lets smash the hell of this month, but before we do, let's see what we can do to help us get sh*t done this month.

Stop procrastinating
We are all guilty of it, always thinking it can be done later and put off for another day, then another. But to be able to get sh*t done this month, you are going to have to change A) your outlook B) your mindset in order to get organised. So clear your head, stop avoiding what needs to be done and face it head on, also by changing your mindset will help, so by simply changing your beliefs and finding a method that works for you, stick to it, that way you are able to manage your expectations.

Set a goal
You know what needs to be done 95% of the time! So why not set yourself manageable goals! Write a list. Once you have compiled this month's goals, list it all in importance then work your way from there. Do not get me wrong, life can throw you a curve ball with unexpected events, be a chameleon, adapt to your surroundings and you will surely be able to tick off all those goals.

Get visual
Nothing better than being able to see what needs to be done, get a wall chart, get colour coded (I'm a weirdo, I know, I have this!) But being able to see what needs to be done in a place you spend/pass most often (kitchen) lets you know what you have to do this month in order to get sh*t done.

Shut off from social media
Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Daily Mail and Pinterest too, the list can go on and on. We all have are guilty pleasures which have us perusing for hours on end. You may have the best intention just for a quick 5-minute look, but is it ever REALLY a 5-minute check, nope! My 5 minutes can turn literally into hours, so step away from the phone ladies and gents I promise it will be there in a few hours (I think) and keep it moving.

If you can put into practice these 4 steps each month I promise, these habits will essentially become that, habits. Leading you to then end result that you set out to achieve and want.

How do you get your sh*t done? I would love to hear your comments below!

London Mumma xx



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