Tuesday 21 February 2017

Aromatherapy In Your Home

Nothing more cosier than lighting a few candles at home after a long day. I literally have them strategically placed throughout my home reed diffusers too and is one of my favourite things to shop for the ladies know me well at my closest Space NK, but I've recently feel in love with H&M too I can't get enough of the warm aromatic glow.

A relaxing and calming aroma is always wafting throughout the house, but I do have to be careful as I've a darting toddler and kitten so I always make sure these are placed out of reach or kitty leaps.

So I was delighted when Puressentiel sent me their Gentle Heat Diffuser and a few perfectly selected Essential Oils from Diffuse Respiratory Blend, to help promote wellbeing and perfect to use at the first of golds, weather changes would be perfect for those like me suffering with hay fever.

Air Purifying Blend this has to be my one of my favourites this is great as I have a child and a pet, it's helps purify the air and rid pollutants and nasty smells, especially after Milo has done his thang in his litter box, still kept him inside, far to cold for him to go out yet. Also we do not but it is perfect and could help those who suffer with asthma.

Relax Blend, now this beauty I pop on once both Cha-Chi and Milos have gone to bed and I'm about to settle down and read a book or lounge on the sofa and catch up on the latest episodes of The Haylcon. This Relax Blend is jam packed with 10 aromatherapy oils which is to help bring you into a state of tranquility and peace which will aid a relaxed mind and help you have a better nights sleep.

To get these aromatherapy essential oils going, you will need to have the Puressentiel Gentle Heat Diffuser. This is great to be placed in any room and on any surface thanks to it being made from insulated porcelain and hear only being emitted from the top, but if in doubt certainly as I do place a mat/coaster underneath. It's super stylish design looks great and being blue it fits well in to my home, it also comes in white and looks just as great.

All items are affordable and leaves your home smelling divine from the aromatherapy oils and these can easily be snapped up from good old Amazon.

Have you used essential oils before? What are you thoughts? Or do you prefer to just have candles, if so what is your favourite scent? 

London Mumma xx

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