Tuesday 14 February 2017

Sweet Mummy Chicken Fajitas

Last night I whipped up a delicious batch of Easy Sweet Mummy Chicken Fajitas, minimal amount of cooking which meant more time being spent with family and friends.

At least once throughout the week I'll cook a whole chicken and I get creative with the leftovers.  Last night's creativity turned in to an easy peasy Sweet Mummy Chicken Fajitas. 

Not really wanting to slave over the stove, I did and no shame in it, bought most of the ingredients ready made, but we are all allowed a cheat day right and what better way to have a cheat day than with these tasty Fajitas. 

Ingredients serves 2

Half a cooked chicken 
1 packet of flour tortilla wraps
1 tub of sour cream and chives
1 packet of grated mozzarella (250g)
Jalapeno Peppers sliced
Half an Iceberg lettuce
1 tub of salsa
1 tub of smashed avocado
1 lime
pack of fajita spice mix
2 tbsp of olive oil


1. Pre heat oven to 190C/375F/Gas 5. Shred the remainder chicken from the bone and place in to a bowl. Heat up a frying pay and add 2 tbsp of olive oil, once nice and hot place your threaded chicken inside to heat up and sprinkle half the fajita mix on top. 

2. Take 4 to 6 of your tortillas and heat up in the oven. Chop half of your iceberg lettuce and put on a large sharing board, followed by your, salsa, smashed avocado and sour cream and chive and a few handfuls of your grated mozzarella cheese. 

3. Squeeze half a lime over your now heated chicken and turn off the hob and oven add to your sharing board, both the chicken and your wraps. 

4. Bring to the table and enjoy your Sweet Mummy Chicken Fajitas. You can see I did not plate up my JalapeƱos as I was eating with Leanora, so popped some in mine for that extra heat.

How delicious are they, they are called Sweet Chicken Fajitas, as Leanora took a bite and said 'Sweet Mummy' Chicken Fajitas.

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London Mumma xx

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  1. I'm feeling so hungry as I'm reading this these sound utterly delicious off to pin for later.


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