Monday 13 February 2017

Family Mediation

I read two things that made my back stand up straight recently, both whilst cooking in the kitchen and reading various magazines.

1. I'm expected to be happy all the time

2. Would you have couples therapy before getting married?

Before I get to the above I have been worrying, somewhat pondering what to write if I should write this post, but I found myself dashing to my room and my trusty note book, before I knew I was writing this post.

I'll address the later first THERAPY!

If you are not aware I am also the Parenting Editor for FBL Bloggers in my first post for them I spoke about being,  dare I say it a proud single parent don't get me wrong I'm not saying its not tough and tiring, but a lot has happened since that post!

My daughters father has recently started to see her which is great, that extra help and extra ;love she gets makes her so happy me too, just to see her face asking for him. But due to circumstances I suggested we see a therapist, just so that we can get on a good page and have a better understanding of one another, as we both admittedly can be quite fiery and yes we like the sound of our own voices (no shame in the game)! But to true form, he suggested a mediator instead, I was a bit livid, but thats the firecracker in me. But a few moments had past, which got me thinking, this could not be a bad thing, especially if it benefits our daughter, after all this is not about us, but her.

So my answer to the above, Yes I would have couples therapy/mediation we are actually going soon, if it helps your family and loved ones, ones that you at times you just can't stand and drive you insane to have harmony, then hell yes try it.

We are not a pretty picture perfect family, but family nonetheless and I am sure over time we will figure it out and find a groove that fits, after all is their really a perfect family without its flaws?

Now number 1. Am I happy? Bleeding hell I'm not bloody happy all the time! But do I paint a picture of happiness, yes I do, guilty as charged, more so out of fear really that if I let my guard slip, even just once I think I may just  crumble. I do not want to show my daughter that I am upset, i'm a survivor and I will continue to survive, Destiny Child style! But is that healthy for me or her? I do not know, i'm still learning as we go along, but do not worry I'll keep you posted. 

Have you been to see a mediator, did it work for you?

London Mumma xx

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