Thursday 16 February 2017

Golden Gucci Dupes And Cream Sweaters

With rails of spring coming into store, I think it's fair to say I've had enough of this shitty cold weather, bring in the sun, and spring flowers, peonies especially just so that I can Instagram the hell out of them, but not this cold blasted weather is here to stay a for little while longer.

If I can't conjure up spring I'm going to kick this cold weathers butt in these fab golden Gucci dupe mules. Now I bagged these beauts in Next. I was with mother dearest on her lunch brake following her around like a surely teenager, carrying all her shopping (price I must pay for her babysitting duties) but I instantly perked up whilst having a wonder and my eyes were drawn upon these golden beauties.

Kicked off the boots and socks, couldn't get them off quicker and slipped my size 6 feet into to a golden cushioned heaven. Before my eyes, endless possibilities of visions came to mind on what I could wear these with how I could style them, until reality hit, bang smack in my face! It's colder than a MOFO out on these streets, quickly reverted back to being a surly teenager until I realised I'm a mother I gave birth goddamit! What's a little chill on my feet, if I can push out Leanora I'm going to brave frost bite for these Gucci dupe bronze mules beauties, worse case scenario I'll rock the hell out of it by wearing socks, I'm a blogger and a Mumma I can make it work! Instantly cheered up I called to out to my mother in the next isle, but how many mothers were inside, could of been anyone's 32 year old child screeching out for them, so to get her attention I called out loud 'Sanj' (mums name is Sandra) she hates it, but makes me smile. She called to me and skipped on round to where she was and grinning like a Cheshire Cat I showed her my new friends and quickly purchased. 

Nothing makes me happier than a new jumper and a soft cream one at that, well as long as miss sticky toddler fingers is not around. 

This season has seen jumpers designed with ruffles and flared sleeves and I have embraced both of these trends and incorporated in to my every day wardrobe, be it the office, drinks with friends and even whilst on mummy duty. So when spotted in my favourite store I could not resist, especially when it was a treat at £19.99. The sleeves have a delicate ruffle around the wrist and adorned with a pearls runnin down the seam to the end it's a perfect day to night jumper.

No outfit is complete without a pair of great jeans, you may remember them from my raw hem denim and ASOS wish list and happy to have these on a repeat on occasion.

I hope you enjoyed the post! Do you love mules and braved them in the cold? What's your favourite sweater trend this season? 

London Mumma xx


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