Monday 20 February 2017

Breastfeeding Stress

Every parent when it comes to breastfeeding is different.

It really annoys me when women, smart women compare themselves to others in not being able to breastfeed, now I'm not bullying but I read this week about such a woman, in fact I've read a few similar stories similar recently and yes it really annoyed the hall out of me. Parents worrying and getting upset that there child is breastfeeding more at night and less in the day, and why are other babies only breastfeeding more so in the day and once or twice at night and they deem that this the norm! Get over it plain and simple, just take it easy and no matter what time of the day or night is, just feed your baby and stop worrying about others.

What some parents forget is, if you've a newborn they are still trying to come to terms with being out of the womb and it's for us as parents to help our babies know when it's night and day, yes it's hard work but parenting is.

Now I don't want to sound all mean and angry I probably shouldn't even take it to heart these posts/articles, but if like me you are putting things out there in the world, it's open to criticism good or bad.

Yes I had a good breastfeeding experience but I did not get my tits back until leanora was 18 months old and boy was it a though 18 months, heck just getting her to latch the right way was as sore as hell at the beginning. 24 hours later after being born and our first midwife visit, she showed me the correct way which was great, but I tell you that first 7-10days was excruciating but I persevered and pushed on.

When it comes to your health visitor and you have questions certainly ask them, they are professionals and they are their to support you, but by no means do not let your health visitor dictate to you, only if you need assistance and advice. Health visitors can be venomous and extremely cruel, I've heard and witnessed first hand the horrid tales and cruel things that they have come out with. But no matter what, you are a parent now or possibly for a second or third time, but a parent nonetheless you know your baby better than anyone and what they need from you, just do your best.

Stop stressing out Mumma's and Daddies too, the only thing you need to worry about is A is you baby happy and healthy b) if the tits don't work try an alternative, be it bottle milk if you can produce express! Your baby is going to love you know matter what.

Yeah I may be assertive but don't let this messed up titty society get you down Rent's! Your tits, mine included are all going down hill anyways, what's more infuriating is I had a brilliant set of knockers before having Leanora but I can't cry over spilt milk, every pun intended!

I just want you to know your are doing a bang up job, just relax and chill and enjoy your new addition stop sweating the small stuff, you've done the hard part: Labour

Do you find yourself comparing yourself to other breastfeeding mothers? Do you feel society has put to much pressure on you to breastfeed? Would love to hear, so please do leave your comments below!

London Mumma xx


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