Tuesday 21 November 2017

Christmas Stocking Fillers

Christmas is officially on and here and it is time to start thinking about gifts, the words every child, ok and adult too like's to here. With festive markets popping up all around and Christmas lights all switched on, it is a great excuse to throw on your chunky knits and wrap up warm and spend a day perusing in merriment and illuminated lights and a great opportunity to purchase some Christmas stocking fillers.

I be honest even though it may be only November I am itching to get my Christmas tree and decorations up, friends and family thought I was ridiculous but I only asked their opinion in a rhetorical manner of course and yes I've done it anyways, subtle though, just some fairy lights and stockings....for now! They are looking a little lackluster and need some filling up. The idea of finding the perfect present for loved ones can be a bit tricky and stressful, you want to make sure everyone gets a little something no matter how big or small, but I like to start with the smaller items and get the Christmas stocking fillers first, so let me introduce a few that I've bagged and got my eye on.

You can never go wrong with a gift card if you are unsure what to buy why not let your loved one choose there own gift. A gift card is a perfect Christmas gift for women or men and teenager too.

We all know of a beauty lover, who knows all the latest trends can list all of the latest collections of foundations, eyeshadow pallets, beauty blenders, moisturisers, Rihanna's latest beauty collection to Glossier's pop up store here currently in London before you can say mulled wine! Why not treat them to the perfect Trilogy beauty collection.

'Tis the season for traditions, every year I like to find new puzzles to pop into the stocking be it with princesses, pirates or teddy bears and robots nothing more fun than sitting with the kids whilst waiting patiently for the turkey to cook than puzzling, well I say that, then you find yourself turning the house upside down looking for the last few pieces only to find grandad sitting on them.

With the big boys in the garden playing football, or snoozing in front of the TV with there feet up why not spoil them with some fun festive socks, such as these which you can bag on NotOnTheHighStreet.com.

You can not spoil the whole family without including your pets and this Felix goody bag will certainly earn your snuggle points with your pet cat.

Do you have any special stocking fillers that you will be getting for your loved one?

London Mumma xx


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