Thursday 30 November 2017

The Best Puffa Jackets From Next

Leanora and I headed to Clapham Common for a much needed stroll, nothing quite like getting out and breathing in the autumn chill air to clear our lungs and embrace the new seasonal change in weather and peruse the new autumn leaf colours and collect a few on route too, before we hit the playground for a short period, which turned into hours.

I don't know what it is, but no matter the weather, come rain or shine, Leanora never wants to wear a coat, you would think she is some half reptile girl child, but luckily that is not the case, as I was there at you know and then again at childbirth....I think ha! But seriously am I the only parent who has a nutbag of a child who never wants to wear a coat? Well maybe not, after chasing Leanora for 20 minutes around the park I gave up, A because what's the point, she will only take it off when my backs turned B I feel a bit silly chasing after my child around the busy park and somewhat embarrassed C embarrassment left when I saw a mother having a go at her little one for taking off his shoes and running around barefoot! And breathe, normality restored, I'm not the only frenzied parent trying to get their kids clothes on and stay firmly on.

With new seasons come new outerwear and what better way to get in to the swing of winter than with a new seasonal appropriate padded puffa jacket. They uber cosy and great for snuggling up in now that the weathers as dropped rapidly. I love that they come in so many different lengths and colours and Next are spoiling us both with so many different choices and styles on offer.

I picked up Leanora's yellow one as its bold plus great to brighten up these dark ice days. Great for wearing it to preschool as it's bright enough to spot her, plus it's perfect as it's fluffy wool lined on the inside and has a hood perfectly keeping her head warm. I styled it with some navy blue leggings and cosy tights underneath, worn with her lucky long-sleeved sweater and sparkly kitty trainers, because which girl does not love sparkly kitty trainers!

I decided to opt for a nice bold red, the colour of the season. I love that it has a high neck to help protect me from all the icy chilly air. I paired it with a mid blue skinny denim jean but works well with any colour denim. I wore a warm tan jumper and white trainers, making it a perfect relaxed look for any day. Why not dress it up with some knee high boots, black skinny jeans and a sparkly top underneath.

With so many different puffa jackets on offer from Next, you are totally spoilt for choice and I'm glad we bagged a few, as when we roll out the house it feels as if we are still at home snuggled in our duvet.

The puffer this winter is our total saviour, has it been yours?

A massive thank you to Next for keeping us warm and feeling like angels wrapped in fluffy clouds and collaborating with us on this post.

London Mumma xx

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