Monday 6 November 2017

4 Reasons To Love Mondays

I know most are not fans of Mondays, but they can be the best day if you let it. So today let me help you change your mindset by giving you 4 reasons to love Monday's.

I know the feeling, of not wanting to get out of the bed, you want to just take it easy, lie in and hit the snooze button on repeat and wish you had a three day weekend,  but who said this couldn't be a weekend day on a Monday which you can love and enjoy!

Set new goals
Monday's are the perfect day to make and set new goals, routine's, workout plans to managing the kids or your home, they do not have to be boring goals, but fun things to do or to try something new for the week, the world is your oyster and Monday's can be too.

Weekend Kick Off
If you have had an awesome fun productive weekend, you will feel like a million bucks come Monday and feel super productive, so why not take the Monday to set a goal or fun thing to do over the weekend, to help make you love your Monday's and go on as you mean.

Healthy Start
You are what you eat! Yes, Monday's can be depressing and we cheer ourselves up by tucking into chocolate or your naughty vice treat, but step away from that kit kat and reach for that healthy fruit and meat-free Monday dish, you will be raring to go and not feel lethargic, by eating healthy it will give you that extra spring in your step, ready to power through the week.

Try Something New
Mondays are great to experiment and try something new, be it a new book, a new recipe or even a new route to work, or surprising a loved one with flowers or a card so that not just you, but they too can love Monday's. Nothing better than making someone else's day too.

What are your best tricks to help you love your Mondays? I would love to hear in the comments below. 

London Mumma xx

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