Thursday 28 September 2017

5 Ways On How Your Life Changes With Kids

Deciding to have a child changes your life in so many different ways, good ways and bad ways too, not everything is always rosy, but fret not, the good triumphs the bad ALWAYS!

Life will never be the same, neither will your tits, but I mean this is to be expected, your whole outlook and lifestyle changes when you become a parent, but just how much you will never know until your little babe is in your arms. This is not something that you can talk about, well I mean I did and you will too in your antenatal class, but to really grasp the idea of how your life changes with kids, is going to have to be from your own personal experience arrives.

I knew my life would change once becoming a mother, but in honesty I just did not envision how much so, obviously my lifestyle has changed no more late partying, getting up and going when I want, eating what I want and even when I want, or just having carefree lazy brunch day with friends! Now it is always forward planning, cooking, cleaning, scheduling in play dates, swimming lessons, princess and ponies, Spanish lessons, taking the cat to the vet, or cleaning him after Leanora used him as a doll and applied makeup all over him, re-painting walls a million times over, due to sticky fingers and paws too, the list goes on, as crazy as it sounds I do love it, I might be knackered as hell but boy it is a ride and one that I am happy to be on and would not change for the world. But I thought I delve a little further in how your life changes with kids.

Social Time
Totally goes out the window as I said, you can not just get up and go your gotta schedule everything in, and plan, re-plan book a sitter, or get the grandparents and that you just going to a much-needed yoga session, date nights pah! That's you curled up on the sofa, with a bowl of popcorn, kid perched in the middle with the cat sitting on your head, like it's a normal thing.

Get Perspective
Life becomes a little clearer, gone are all those hazy wild partying days, it is now a sensible life you will lead, but becoming a parent really opens your eyes to all the bullshit and bullshit people too, nothing else matters and you are able to put things into perspective, those meaningful things that used to bother you before, will become meaningless.

No Personal Space
Bloody Nora! I tell you there is nothing more than a little bit of blood me time, think about hiding under the bed like I did, the kids find you, they are like a pack of wolfs, on the hunt, you can hide nowhere in your own home, you have a 24 hours 7 days a week audience.

Your little bambino gives you this strength, this perseverance and drive that you never knew you had in you before, it is like they awaken something inside you, from the very first kick. Nothing can stand in your way and you literally feel like a kick-arse parent ready to conquer the world.

You Understand Love
I never knew what love was before, not really nor have I actually felt that I have ever been truly in love, but regardless of the leaky boobs, your favourite honey roasted cashews you have hidden have been found and devoured, sleepless nights, bags under eyes, no privacy, being used as a permanent supplier of princesses, ponies, superheroes galore, there is nothing like the love between a parent and child, that unconditional love, even after the grouchy mornings with no milk to make your coffee, and looking like crap, because all you have done all night is watch your sleeping babe, just thinking this is your little human that you carried and brought into this life has blessed you with love, that feeling has been bestowed upon you, by your darling child.

Are you a parent or parents to be, how has your life changed?

London Mumma xx


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