Tuesday 26 September 2017

8 Ways On Surviving The Commute To Work

With the kids finally set back at school the commute to work has apparently got 15% more crowded! But with how hot and tiresome the commute has been to work these few weeks, which can lead to us feeling a bit stressed, before we have even got to work and in honesty, I'd say public transport is 85% more crowded.

With long days at work, you want to feel and look your best, but the commute can have you feeling the exact opposite before you have even stepped into your office, whacked the coffee machine on and booted up your computer! What you get is you looking and feeling like you've just stepped home from a heavy night of partying and looking like a remix of Freddy Kruger with a blend of Predator! But with a few essentials to help you survive the commute to work, I am sure I will have you feeling and looking fly.

A great way to keep your cool and hydrated on all systems go, whilst traveling to work is having a water to hand, why not purchase a quick bobble bottle, perfect for refilling and keeping you refueled and feeling as cool as cucumber whilst traveling from A - B. Plus by consuming water, it won't just be keeping you cool and hydrated throughout the day, but it is also great for your skin, hair and nails, after all our body is 60% water based, so gotta keep it topped up!

Never leave the house without them, great for the hot sweaty commutes and coffee spills, and crumb wiping and snotty toddler nose cleanups.

Transport App
I can not stress enough, if you are on a mad dash to work and not managed to watch any of the news, get your appy on and check what is going down with public transport, nothing more infuriating that running late and not taking a few seconds out to her the status of transport, to keep you on track.

Mini fan
A life saver, be it on the tube or a hot office, where the big debate about having the air conditioner should be allowed on or not. Small enough to pop in your bag and have on your office desk.

Face mist
The perfect cool down after a hot commute, my new favourite is from Omorovicza, that I mentioned in my Friday Favourites and MINTD Box is a must have and still a firm favourite to carry around in my handbag.

It can be a sweaty job this whole tube malarkey so to keep extra fresh and smelling great, as we all know some don't when on public transport, carrying a can or roll-on deodorant is a life saver, after hitting that hot and sweaty transport.

Antibacterial Cleanser
After that commute into work, you can feel somewhat a little dirty, holding on to those rails, going up the escalators, whilst public transport may or may not get cleaned, do you really want to be eating your breakfast croissant with those hands or touting your face, even to push back your hair after the commute and holding on to those rails, or whatever you have found to keep you stabilised for dear life!

The perfect way to unwind and block out all that hustle and bustle on the commuter to work, bag yourself some new headphones to help ease your mind into work, with your favourite podcast or album.

What are your must have essentials for the commute to work?


London Mumma xx


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