Tuesday 19 September 2017

4 Ways On How To Take Time Out For You

I have completely forgotten on more than one occasion to take time out for myself, it is easily done when we have busy working lives, filled with family and home needs and everything in between.

It first came clear to me, when recently interviewed for the Mum O'clock blog, about what do I do for me time, an alien phrase 'me time' what is it, does it even exist!? Then I remembered it like a dear long lost friend...Oh, how I have missed that friend.

Now, I love my life, as you should to as we only get one life, so why not make the most if it, no matter your situation,  it is paramount to take time out for you and just recharge. By doing so, can only lead to better things, happier things, leaving you more determined and ready to achieve goals.

No matter who or where you are man or woman, it is so vital for your mindset and for you, to take time out for you! So with a few handy tips, I will be sharing, will surely leave you feeling more relaxed and creative once you have taken time out for you.

Accept Help
The hardest thing for people to do is ask for help, we are very proud people, but those nearest and dearest to you will certainly help you and want to encourage you, to be a better you.

Think of your favorite place
Unable to get away travel wise, why not take a pew, relax your mind and close your eyes and transport yourself into your happy place, to help you unwind. When ready to come out of your dream, and few deep breaths, you will feel a million times better and more relaxed and ready to take on the world.

Meet up with friends
Get up and get out, nothing better than surrounding yourself with positive and fun loving friends, to cheer you up and laugh your head off with.

Relax and unwind
After a long day, there is nothing better than unwinding, with some darling scented candles, whilst relaxing in a hot bath, filled with some of your favorite bath oils or salts, to help you relax your mind body and soul. Or, with kids and a cat like myself, make sure they are fast asleep and lock yourself in, no need to have an audience with a Threenager and cat eyeballing you, whilst you unwind.


How do you take time out for you? I would love to hear your comments below.

London Mumma xx


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