Friday 1 September 2017

September Edit Wish List

Can you believe that A, it is nearly the weekend and B, it is September already! I mean yay to the weekend and Nay to the fact that the year has totally flown by, I mean, was it not just Easter the other day!

As we are moving off slightly from a midsummer nights dream, in a way which I am not quite ready to let go of, but life goes on, plus I will be braving the new Autumn air with my legs out, but don't worry how cold it has been the past few days (early morning and night) I am sure it won't be for very much longer.

No, I don't mean Ron Burgundy from Anchor Man I do mean the colours, Red & Burgundy. Red is this seasons must have colour, but I like to ease into that pop of red and start with a nice burgundy, the perfect offset of between the two and delightful warm shades of red and brown, personally I think it is a shade that goes with all skin types.

Shearling jacket
I mean what is not to love, it is always a big hit and I only got involved once last year, but I got my eye on a few shearling/teddy goodies to ease myself into the colder season. 

Anything Weekday

The amazing brand is totally having a moment, especially with the new store opening on Regent Street, which FYI I am heading to, kid free over the weekend to stock up on so much needed essentials! Well, that's a laugh I want it all, plus I spied online that they are currently having 20% off ALL JEANS! Yup you heard me all jeans guys!

You know I am totally having a sweater moment, it's a massive game changer right now, be it paired with a skirt, backless with some comfy jeans or just something to lounge around in the house in, whatever! Make it a must this pay day and peruse this vast list I created for you guys to check out and snap a few of your favourites too.

Biggin it up
Quite literally go big or go home, and seeing as I'm on the tube with two bags, I'm just gonna go home, jump on the laptop and search for a big bag! This seasons trend is a must have big bag and I'm totally all over this trend, not just because I've spotted a few good ones but, it enables me to carry everything and anything, i.e. I could probably throw Leanora in their, so miss 1 mile per hour walking tortoise can get somewhere! 

Before I had L, I was a major reader and I am currently on a hunt for a few good books, be it self-help, fiction or not I plan on delving and getting lost in a few this month, so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. 

Ok, so I have been living in my home for like 2 years and I am yet to find a mirror to go in the living room! I am a woman on a mission this month and I need some help in finding a large mirror, be it silver, grey or white I need something big! Every time I find something that I love it sells out, so guys yet again help me out, know of any good stores or markets, wherever just help a Mumma out with some suggestions!

Yes this has totally made the cut and I am a major fan of the original and I know that sometimes remakes can be atrocious, but I am dying to see IT yes IT I remember watching it as a kid and it scared the crap outta me literally my skin ran off and left me looking like a ghost! Damn, I love a scary movie, truly nothing makes me happier than a movie scaring me shitless and IT gets me excited, plus hottie Alexander SkarsgÄrd younger brother is in it, playing the main role, sooooo a total must see, even just to perv over him!

What do you think of my September Edit Wish List? If you guys like maybe I can do one every month? Have you got anything you have your eyes set on this month, or have you snapped any of the bits above? I would love to hear your comments below.

Happy September.

London Mumma xx



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