Tuesday 12 September 2017

3 Dilemas Of Working Mothers

Ok, so I have one kid, but boy working full time, running a blog and home life, plus my little one, sure can be tough, but just because it is tough, doesn't mean that I am not enjoying it, but by heck a break or two would be fab, a nice glass of vino, a good book, all whilst chilling in the bath without an audience wouldn't go a miss, am I rent rents?

Now I would never give up working, I am not that type of person to be a housewife, well I am not even close to having that as an opportunity, not that I would even embrace it, I am/we are providers for our families.  But when I had that time at home whilst on maternity leave, I could not bloody wait to get back to work, I love my kid and all, she is a cutie going through that sassy threenager stage, but I need my own time, does that make me a bad Mumma, like fuck it does. I think as women and society we can face a lot of dilemmas, pressure, and prejudice even, women with young kids should stay at home and do the whole Susie home maker crap, sod that I say.

Yes it is hard, and I feel at times a bad parent, because I do not get to spend as much time with my daughter as I would like, but should I, should we not go out there show our babies, that you know what it is good to work, to work for something, be it a mortgage payment, a holiday, god forbid clothes and food. These are the dilemmas that us mothers, single or otherwise can face. But what some do not realise, we have our own dilemmas and demons and it affects us just as much our children

To stay or not to stay
Yes, when returning to work we do face certain difficulties, such as our children being left in someone else care, they teaching them their A, B, C's and 1,2,3's and thinking that is our role as mothers, parents even. But it is good to have that separation and making sure you child is in the right and safe environment, it is good for the both of you. For both mother and child/ren to have that time apart, it only makes the heart grow fonder, plus your kids can get tired of the site of you. 

When we become parents your life changes from the moment, you see PREGNANT on the pregnancy test and you make the decision to become a parent. Me time, we time goes out the window and it all about kid time! We sacrifice, for our children for their love and to keep them happy and the odd occasion when you want a bit of peace and quiet or your program has just come on! We make sacrifices, for the unconditional love between parent and child, hence why even planning on returning or going back into work is a good sacrifice, not a selfish one, after all, we are providers now and a cheeky 8 hour day so you can have a little me time is not a bad thing. But for all the sacrifices we have to makes as parents, they are worth it all in the end. Even if it means a life time of an audience whilst going for a crap. 

Am I enough
We can be our own worst enemies at the best of times, we can doubt ourselves and beat ourselves up thinking are we doing, feeding and teaching our kids the right thing. Everyone's teaching and learning life experiences are different, but what you have to understand and yes I included. I am enough for our kids, I mean Leanora thinks I am all that and then some!

With so many dilemmas we face as mothers, they are all worth it in the end and makes us and our children stronger. Have you faced certain dilemmas since becoming a mother, or father? How have you over come those dilemmas?



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