Wednesday 25 October 2017

No Carve Pumpkin Decorating Ideas

Autumn is officially here, Instagram and Pinterest are awash with Autumn pics and pumpkins have been making an appearance in time for Halloween and with a hovering toddler of my shoulder, we were both eager to get into the spirit and make our own.

Beware our hands or home will never look the same after you have finished decorating your pumpkins this year, but they will certainly look fabulous and make a great centre point in or outside the home, plus it is great fun for the kids and little less mess than carving and a lot less dangerous too, plus food for thought, don't be lazy and get over excited like we did, throw on a cosy knit, grab an old sheet or newspapers and get creative outside!

As you may of not of known, i've recently signed up to Pinterest and have been going mad for it, brain is bursting with decorating ideas and I just can not believe we have not got involved sooner, but we are certainly making it up right now, so please do come over and say hi.

House filled with pumpkins which we bagged at Asda, the large ones for a £1 the little ones for 50p, a total bargain, even if they did not look super great, but the end result will have them looking great in no time.

A tub of acrylic paint, some gold glitter, a little PVA glue and you are set to make these super easy no-carve pumpkins. 

1. Wipe down your pumpkins with a dry cloth, then paint twice with your acrylic paint and leave to dry for around 20 minutes.

2. Grab your PVA glue with a little spatula, then thinly apply your circle or striped design, then spring like mad your gold glitter, or fairy dust as Leanora likes to say (we seem to be moving on from unicorns) and leave to dry for a few hours.

There you have it super easy no-carve pumpkins, all sparkly designed and the look great in or outside the home, all in time for the Halloween festivities.

Once you have made yours let me know what you think! not bad for a first timer hey!

Why not pin the pics for some home inspo for you! or check out these super tasty extremely spooky Halloween party food to make after.

London Mumma xx


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