Thursday 26 October 2017

Half Term Little Dates

Ok, so we are halfway through Octobers half term holiday and there is still so much to see and do! From Halloween party makeup practice to going nuts at Kidtropolis and so many other great family fun days out and fun things to make, so why not make the most of it with the kids, ┼Áith a few half term treats.

Looking to get away and pack up the car, the kids the dog or cat for the last few days this week before the kids go back to school and you return to work, nothing beats heading into the country for some fresh autumnal air, but before you do! Safety comes first in the form of car maintenance, it is so simple and so basic but these things can easily be forgotten when piling up the car with luggage, necessities, and let's not forget to not have a home alone situation, the kids! A quick simple check of your engine oil, brake fluid levels, car tyre tread, keeps your car happy and you all safe, plus can have you saving loads on repairs, with simple car maintenance check-ups on a regular basis, think of it like going to your doctors. Here are the top most important car checks according to me:

•  Tyres: It is extremely crucial to make sure that all four tyres are in good condition and there is a spare as well in case of a flat tyre. Make sure there are no cuts or bumps in any of the tyres and tread is also in legal limits. Since tyres are the only part of the vehicle that is in contact with the road, it is essential that they are in top notch condition
• Brakes: Another very important element is the brakes. Make sure your brakes are working fine and that there is enough brake fluid in the car to keep them working properly
• Exhaust:  car exhaust helps in keeping the harmful fumes away from the cabin, if the exhaust is broken down or not working properly it can lead to a buildup of harmful gases inside the car which can be very harmful. Make sure to check your exhaust before going on a trip, if you live in or around the area  you can book your car exhaust replacement  in Dundee from Fife Autocentre 

Now, we are not far off from Halloween and if you and the kids are still needing some inspiration, why not look no further than the professionals and the magnificent show, then Cirque du Soleil! They have a great tutorial video for you to master your makeup skills for Halloween.

Leanora and I were invited to attend Kidtropolis, our first ever time going and boy was it fun, plus I wish I wore jeans than a dress! A great family fun day out, filled with shows from an all-time fave sooty, dancing act by flawless, plus Leanora fave a performance by PJ Masks and Octonauts, who she got to meet too. With plenty of time in between shows, why not get crafting with ..... or go roller skating, the Dj will certainly have you all in a spin (FYI, I totally owned that floor, thanks to channeling my 8-year-old self who had no fear), or try the bouncy castle assault course, just don't wear a dress, so your butts not in the air, super embarrassing I must say, especially having to run after a toddler, then the whole of flawless seeing your arse, but they said nothing to my surprise, I would have totally roared my head off, but the gents they were helped Leanora round (thank you) well a little, they couldn't keep up with her little legs, neither could I! But if you fancy something a little bit more relaxed you can go golfing or peruse all the shops or grab a bite to eat.

With the days being a little dark and Halloween only a few days away, why not get your creative juices going and make these easy peasy no-carve pumpkins or head over to my Pinterest page for some more inspo.

For those looking to source Leanora's blue dress, knee high socks and mary-jane shoes you can find them over at Base Fashion and Next.

Happy Half Term.

London Mumma xx


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