Monday 16 October 2017

Unicorns & Ponies Halloween Ready

So..We have kinda gone a little bit Unicorn and Pony mad in the London Mumma household, not my own doing, but toddler related. Whilst I love the magical creatures and real-life ponies too, Leanora has been going crazy over it. Whilst before I never thought I would be for it, I am totally indulging her every magical whim......Well, how else am I going to get my glasses back!

There is no real reason for this post, but I love these pictures so much, I just could not resist sharing, plus we had a blast this weekend, partying it up with BFLF we just had to share it with you. 

I think as parents and being a single parent I just want to capture every single moment of my little Cha-chi, so when she is older I can show all the pictures, which she will undoubtedly think is totally shaming, but I rule the roost..........hmmmm! So she has to endure it and strike a pose. 

With Halloween not too far off, the stores are awash with fab kids Halloween inspired clothing, from Leanoras unicorn jumper dress from good old M&S to sleepwear from LIDL (my new fave store). I mean have you seen the new range of clothing H&M has to offer for kids, us big kids too. For those who are not the dressing up type i.e ME there are wearable clothing and accessories out there too.

We had a little tastier of dressing up on Saturday gone, we got down and party liked rock stars at Big Fish Little Fish, a good time family rave. One thing I miss about pre-Mumma days was just to get up and go out and shake my money maker like there was no tomorrow, and then probably stumble in tomorrow! But gone are those crazy single days, it is a new story now, which takes me weeks of military precision of getting a babysitter, reconfirming, then having to get the grandparents in or sister down from Notts, which can all be a pain in the arse, but I guess that comes with parenting. But not one to miss out on a party and one that is not just catered to adults, but most importantly the kids, it makes for a great family day out, where you get to meet other parents just like you, and with loads to do from face painting, disco raving, to various arts and crafts, you are spoilt with loads of things to keep everyone happy and entertained, plus they have a bar, so if ordering a glass of your choice, no one frowns upon it, whilst living it up with the kids. Big Fish, Little Fish is something that I would honestly encourage any family or 80's babies, with babies to go and get your party on!

A massive thank you to Big Fish Little Fish, for having us and looking forward to the spooktacular events coming up.

Stuck on ideas on what to get the kids to wear this Halloween, check out my shoppable real for inspo or check out my Pinterest page.

I am still deciding on what to wear this Halloween, do you have any ideas?

London Mumma xx



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