Tuesday 18 September 2018

The Two Books You Must Read This Month

My friends, I have just found and read the most amazing this books this August! I'm talking mind blowing good and I encourage you to snap these beauties up, from gruesome family murders to those craving the handmaid's tale, these books will keep you guessing to thinking of the future and what if.....

I like to spend time in bookstores, ever since I was a kid, armed with my first ever library card and wanting to venture outside of teen valley high or goosebumps I'm always looking for something thrilling, engaging and fearsome! A writer be it there first novel to something educational and keeps your mind ticking of the endless possibilities is what I look for and before the end of the first sentence that's how they should make you feel and these three books, this August certainly had me feeling that way.

Dark Places, what can I say, but this for me is my book of the month, thrown straight into the scene from the very first page it had my heart beating my head guessing from start to finish. Libby Day witnessed what no child of 7, scrap that anyone should witness and have to live through, the slaughter of your family! Her sadistic brother prosecuted for the murder of his struggling mother and two other young sisters was sentenced to life, Libby had no doubt in her mind it was anyone else, until the donations of people were about to dry up, never had a job, friends, felt as though she had no real purpose, that's until a group of loyal supporters, fanatics judged her and challenged her to find out who the real murderer was of the Kinnakee family slaughter.

Guys, I got to confess, I've not watched The Handmaids Tale, well a few episodes of season 1! I know your thinking WTF What has she been doing with her life, well I don't know, but after reading VOX I'm gonna be downloading it this weekend and binge-watching, sorry Gossip Girl, xoxo! But enough of that this book is insane, insane because if this ever took place, I'm kicking butt! But enough of that, I get way too into it, but that's good, that's what a book should make you do and feel, am I right and VOX does not disappoint. Women forced to be silenced by men, men who want to take over the world and in order to do so, they give Dr Mcellan her voice back for a limited of time to serve a purpose in destruction, if she gives in, goes on the run with her lover leaving her husband if 21 years, her boys her only daughter, what becomes of her, her little girl armed with only 100 words per day, the outcome of destruction is for her daughter to have no words. VOX a tale of women's survival in America in slaved by men, armed with a limited amount of words each day, go over that and receive a shock, a story about a woman's survival for her and her daughter an amazing first novel from Christina Dalcher.

So I never read books twice, don't see the point, but guys my heart is beating and I want to read Dark Places again, but I won't, this time I'll be watching the movie, which I never knew was out until I wrote this. Has anyone seen it starring Charlize Theron, is it any good?

Will these books be on your reading list this August? Let me know what you are reading!

London Mumma


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