Wednesday 6 December 2017

London Eats: The Sipping Room, Canary Wharf

When it comes to Sunday lunch, you can not beat a good roast with family and friends, it goes hand in hand, like prosecco and my hand, so when we were invited to a The Sipping Room which is part of the Drake & Morgan family, it would have been rude to of not accept, especially as I've heard there Sunday roast is big deal!

Sunday's can be hard to find a decent location for food, service and family entertainment especially if you have children.

Sundays are about enjoying good food and your family and friends company and that can be hard to find in a restaurant, but a little further into the city, Canary Wharf,  just on the riverfront, there you will find The Sipping Room, a perfect family affair.  Yes, you may be thinking oh she is just saying that but truly, I don't just look at how I am being served, but others around us. The staff were great and embraced those with family, of children and babies of all ages with open arms!

The Sipping Room is quite rustic on the side with a modern twist of decor, it is dark and moody but well lit to give you that dark romance feel.

Got a large group of 6-8 that's great, as they have large booths in their glorious rustic restaurant.

Whilst the kids play, drawn and gave balloons made out of there favourite characters, why not order yourself a nice ice cold bottle of wine.

Whilst sipping on your wine, why not tuck into the tastiest of sourdough bread's still warm from the oven.

Once devoured, mostly by Leanora, as we were only allowed one slice as apparently this was HER bread, let the main course commence!

Now, this was, no IS the Sunday Roasts of dreams, this is literally food from the gods, sent down to grace us.

Leanora went for the sausage and mash from the Little Drake menu, which she totally devoured, before I could ask for a bite of her sausage and when I did, if looks could kill, I'd be 6 feet under right now!

Nannie, went for the whole roast chicken, and it was a mouth-wateringly good, so good we all ended up attacking it!

I went for the succulent beef accompanied by monstrous towering Yorkshire pudding, which I wolfed down with lashings of gravy and roast vegetables.

All pleasantly stuffed and ready for a kip, we finished off with coffee for me a good ol cuppa tea for Nannie and orange juice for Leanora, before we headed off for a delightful nighttime stroll around Canary Wharf before we departed for home.

Truly an amazing lunch at an amazing restaurant, perfect for those with families or just a good old feast with a few of your favourite people.

A firm new favourite restaurant for us and trust me it will be yours too. 

Check their website out here - make sure to book ahead especially on a Sunday!

A massive thank you to The Sipping Room for having us three little piggies, we left feeling like happy bunnies.

London Mumma xxx


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